Enter to win an 80 GB iPod Classic

Enter to win an 80 GB iPod Classic

To celebrate our final Throwback Thursday, we are dropping prices on many of our most popular accessories for iPod Classic. You should drop by the sale page now to take advantage of what’s up for grabs while items are available.

They called it the classic.

And let’s face it, what else could you call it? For all the innovations offered by the iPod touch and the iPod nano, even Apple had to admit that they got it right the first time. So much storage that even a completist like you could fit their whole library on there with room to spare, and a lightning quick interface that makes it easy to scroll through all your favorites, from ABBA to The Zombies and everything in between. These days, it’s easy to feel like the world’s forgotten about the humble iPod classic, but we haven’t.

iPod Classic

Want to win a slightly used 80 GB iPod Classic?

Leave us a comment below and tell us how the iPod Classic changed our lives. The winner will also receive a (new) iClear case.

Read the rules and leave us a comment to enter. We’ll pick a winner on Wednesday after 12pm Central. Good luck!

Congratulations to Frank A who won last week’s Throwback Thursday Sansa giveaway.

  • kendigjt

    Many many years ago, an 80 GB iPod Classic & speaker dock in the bathroom revolutionized the way I take showers. Mine has since crapped out and showering hasn't been the same since. Help me turn my boring bathroom back into a concert.

  • eyejammy

    The iPod Classic has indeed changed our lives. Granted, there were mp3 players by other manufacturers available prior to the release of the ubiquitous iPod, but none of those products were created, designed and executed as elegantly as the iPod. The iPod has made the music listening experience an altogether new one, allowing people to very easily navigate their music library through the innovative interface in the firmware, and intuitive physical interface.

    It has become not only a household brand, but also a pop culture phenomenon. Look around. Listen. You will see iconography depicting iPods as the defacto signifier for any mp3 player, regardless of brand. Even people who use other brand mp3 players use the term “iPod”, albeit erroneously, in reference to their mp3 player. The iPod Classic is (hands-down) the standard of mp3 players.

    From a commercial standpoint, the iPod has created businesses, and made businesses prosper. Ask Griffin. Word. Gotta run, I'm at the 9-5.

  • Chris Bennett

    I am still using an iPod 2G!! STOP LAUGHING!! With all that extra space I wouldn't know what to do.

  • rsmclean

    This is a true classic, and something that I'd love to have join my collection.

  • http://twitter.com/vmarks vmarks

    This was the iPod interface that started it all. With all the love that iPod touch and iPhone get, it's easy to forget that this simple, well-thought out scroll wheel was the one that started it all. I mean, what were you going to use, a Diamond Rio 500? From the company that made graphics cards?

    An 80gb Classic would mean music in the house and car. Especially the car. My soundtrack is currently the sweet sweet exhaust note – missing the accompaniment of excellent tunes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dbalash Dan Balash

    The 80 GB iPod Classic has revolutionized the way I drive, do yard work, and do house work. I can listen to lectures from school, podcasts from NPR, and in general, change my car radio from the top 40, into whatever I want to listen to. My old iPod is 4 years old, and has seen better days. Please help me turn house work and driving back into the way it used to be.

  • Sue

    Oh boy! Chance to win an iPod classic!

  • james

    I'm a great music fan and i want to take my entire music collection wherever i go. iPod classic will be my constant companion eliminating boredom and helping me relax when stressed out. It will change the way i travel, by car, on a plane, bus or train, where i can listen to some cool Duke Ellington jazz, be totally engrossed with the latest Dan Brown audio book or watch the entire Avatar movie. Its the natural way for me to interface with music on the go and iPod classic makes it easier by providing this freedom and improved lifestyle.

  • Tim

    Gone were the days where I used to be ashamed of using my walkman mp3 player, always afraid of being labelled as uncool. With it's sleek and cool deisgn, the iPod classic has taken away the fear of being spotted with an mp3. Infact, I want to be spotted using an iPod classic nowadays!

  • http://twitter.com/lizardola Jason Robinson

    I used to DJ dances and back in the day I had 2 smaller ipods to hold all my tunes. When the 80 came out, it was a great day. All my music could finally fit on 1 ipod.

  • stephen o

    This would be a fantastic home for my music collection. I could really use an 80gb ipod classic

  • Anonymous

    Even more than the iMac, the iPod heralded a new era in elegant and user-friendly design. In one sense, the iPhone and iPad represent a swiss-army knife approach to the information and entertainment appliance, but the purity of the classic iPod’s focus on music still remains very attractive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=749605978 Steve Goebel

    iPod classic made it routine for me to drop $300 to $500 on the latest Apple gadget….and be glad I did.

  • http://www.facebook.com/grshaner Garth R. Shaner

    I had a 30 GB and used it every day until I wore it out. A true classic! Would love to be able to relive the 'good ol' days!'

  • http://mangochut.net/ mangochutney

    I was always on the fence for buying one. The sound quality is superb, especially when paired with my Westone UM2, but back then I needed something I could run with.
    I could put all my ALAC albums on there.

    P.S.: The link to the rulebook is broken.

  • Eliane

    It is easy to use and I love to watch my favorite shows in it.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anderson-Caviedes/629775643 Anderson Caviedes

    Ipod it`s just aamazing it made me addict to music…I love it!!m i hope i win…I need one again

  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    Thanks. Link is fixed.

  • simonejiaao

    the iPod classic is the iPod with the most memory.
    its honestly amazing. an old design with a new software.
    it deffinetly the most durable of the iPods :)

  • http://twitter.com/mitchbrevard Mitch Brevard

    You can't ever go wrong with a “Classic” :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=743565256 Cameron Knapp

    Ive always wanted one of these since my 30gb ipod was washed. Its a great amount of space for movies and music, and the style of the player just looks amazing

  • kat

    it took inside music outside!

  • gmargeson

    It paved the way for iPhone and ipad.

  • Hoodahmahn

    I would love to win an 80GB Classic iPod from Griffin Technology — you guys rock! :) I'll probably give it to one of my Momz. :)

  • http://tigrevski.blog.mk Tigrevski

    It changed our lives because it was the best portable music player with 80GB. 😉

  • http://twitter.com/dreammessenger Garth™

    The iPod Classic changed our lives by allowing us for the first time to have every song we ever owned with us at anytime. Having mobility with our family photos and other videos.

  • http://twitter.com/Chasethebase Steve Bennett

    Even though I have an iPhone. I'd love one of these classic iPods. These something about the classic that makes it awesome even in the shadow of the touch and iPhone.

  • http://twitter.com/johnsmith Shane Smith

    It was my first mp3 player and probably my favorite to date. For anyone who just wants to listen to music, you can't beat it!

  • hilaryrose

    Oh man, the iPod Classic is the cream of the iPod crop. I had one and an angry, angry thief stole it from my car two months after I bought it.
    I mean, if I broke into my car and found an 160gb iPod Classic and an 32gb iPod Video chilling in the lifty-upy part of the center console, I'd steal them too (along with my first Griffin iTrip and my digital camera.)
    They probably thought it was the next-generation iPhone, anyway.
    So now I have an 8gb iPod Touch that was gifted to me for graduation, but quite honestly I would trade it for a classic in a matter of seconds. I loved that iPod for the short while I had it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=551298832 facebook-551298832

    It'll go good in my Truck! Days of road tunes!

  • Frank A

    I really, really need to upgrade my 1st generation shuffle!

  • Floor24

    Good, my old one's Dying- could do with a new one, and I'm poor atm.

  • mshawnlane

    The iPod classic was one of the best iPods Apple made. Thanks Griffin for the throwback Thursdays!!!

  • jiml

    Still a great iPod. Holds a bunch of music and can be used as a HD as well. Not a Touch, but, hey, still great at what it does.

  • http://twitter.com/MacBookBlaze23 Brian Ramlakhan

    This ipod really changed people lives because when it came out it was seen as the master of stoger 80gb of video music play back that was crazy hope i win :)

  • Frank A

    I really, really need to upgrade my 1st gen shuffle

  • Corey Brewer

    The iPod classic redefined the original iPod with a stylish and update to look. The iPod allows you to take your music collection on the go and has it available at the press of a button. The iPod comes in handy for the times where you want to just relax and listen to some music whether it be on an airplane, the train, the bus, or even as simple as walking or jogging. The iPod classic expanded the memory for storing your collection and allowed you to expand your listening pleasures. The iPod classic is definitely a classic and I definitely would appreciate having one.

  • jean simmons

    I remember showing the ipod classic to my mother who only knew records and taped music etc. The look on her face when I told her how many songs it would hold and how it sounded was priceless!

  • Chris G. Galbraith

    The iPod Classic let us leave our massive CD library at home

  • http://macfan9000.tk Derek

    The iPod classic has changed the way I even imagined listening to my music at school. It was a big advancement from hauling around CD Players & Batteries. This is a much cooler and simpler way to listen to music.

  • chimerical

    The iPod made it the first time that I shared music with people in real life, wherever I went, making it easier to enjoy music together.

  • Jake Butters

    I loved the iPod classic when it came out. It was the future, and I didn't leave the house without it. New iPods came out, and my Classic was left behind. 80 gb of memory was, and still is huge! I would love to win this, to fall in love with it again!

  • http://twitter.com/heartnsoul45 heartnsoul45

    Let's just say no more CDs you can have all your music library on one device and listen to it everywher. And enjoy life more. Love it

  • jorge femat

    despues de esperar hasta la 5ta generacion de ipods para por fin poderlo tener, y 80 gb, despues de 3 años con el aun le queda espacio, definitivamente una maravilla

  • http://twitter.com/little_kisa N M

    ipod classic is what Apple started with, tiny, shiny love

  • Daniela

    iPod change everyone's life. iPod made life easier.. we can carry our entire library of music inside this great device, no more CDs… It's amazing what this device can do, it's not only music, you can also have videos, photos, and even games. Thanks to the iPod, we now can live a much greener life by purchasing digital contents rather than physical contents.

  • http://twitter.com/JoshCalvetti Josh Calvetti

    I still absolutely love the Classic. I have a 3rd generation iPod from way back in 2003, and I've always loved the weight that the harddrive gave to the iPod.


    It changed the way we listened to music, not only by the simple tap of a finger, but with the ipod classic, we had so much memory.we were able to have a vast variety of music available for our convenience and depending on our moods of what we wanted to listen to, without having to carry around all the bulk of cds and not have to worry about our discs being lost or damaged. True classics NEVER go out of style.Thanks Griffin.

  • mondragon7

    Made it a lot easier to go into the gym and listen to your music. CD players were just not so great in the gym.

  • mondragon7

    Ipod Classic made it a lot easier to carry your music with you to the gym. CD players just weren't as great while working out.

  • sasha5113

    This one's mine; I just KNOW it! Please? If I don''t win this one I'll have to ransack my next door neighbor's closet. (He's the one who gave me an iMic.)

  • sasha5113

    Warning: if I don't win this, I'm going to have to turn to a life of crime.

  • sandraface

    the ipod classic is amazing !
    the memory it has is mind blowing.
    deffinetly would be a good upgrade from my 1st gen (:

  • http://leonardweiss.com Leonard Weiss

    Lets face it – the Classic pretty much revolutionised the world of portable music. The initial iPod established the entire line, placing Apple in the portable media market, and created their status symbol which sells many of their products today.

  • http://www.mousetrap.net/mouse/ jason carr

    The Classic is a fine player without all that swooshy screendragging crud on a Touch. Of course, I'm still happily rocking a rockboxed Mini!

  • moondreamer1979

    I have never owned one but love all the cool accessories you can get to go with them! I borrow my daughter's Sony now and then!

  • Dianna

    I have never owned an IPOD. I love all the cool gadgets you can get to go with them and all that space!!! I borrow my daughters Sony now and then!

  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    Crime doesn't pay.

  • Bryan

    Nice – I had one for a while, then it died.

  • http://twitter.com/supersonik90 REL

    Wow iPod classic was absolutely amazing!!! I remember seeing and wanting it so bad!!! But My family ended up getting me a Nike mp3 player instead… I still want that classic though :)


    It changed the way we listened to music, not only by the simple tap of a finger, but with the ipod classic, we had so much memory.we were able to have a vast variety of music available for our convenience and depending on our moods of what we wanted to listen to, without having to carry around all the bulk of cds and not have to worry about our discs being lost or damaged. True classics NEVER go out of style.Thanks Griffin.

  • Adam

    I had an iPod classic, once. I gave it to my nephew. Then I missed it a lot and bought myself a shuffle.

  • sasha5113

    Ah, but it remains to be seen (on Wed) whether virtue will be rewarded.

  • http://twitter.com/leopugliese Leonardo Pugliese

    The iPod Classic changed the way we looked at portable music. The scroll wheel navigation was ingenious! The iPod Classic was the first of many awesome MP3 players that have become an American icon!

  • peter

    it just changed everything about portable music consumption

  • http://twitter.com/skydivertak Keith Tak

    80 GB of Classic Rock would make my wife really happy. Of course, now we'd have to supplement it with Classical and other music to make our nearly 8 month-old twin girls happy!

  • kathy128

    it brought the music out side :)

  • Jules Menard

    The ipod classic changed my life for travelling. I could show photos and videos of people across the planet.

  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    Wow! Congrats! I bet you're busy. :)

  • http://twitter.com/Mandog3635 Ron

    The iPod Classic changes our lives by paving the way to what could be; it opened the possibility that something so small, yet so straight-forward, powerful and flexible would become ubiquitous to almost everything we do from exercise to chilling out to having a party. It ushered in the possibility of the iPhone, iPad and all things i….

  • http://twitter.com/JK8675309 Jenn

    Any Ipod Is Great ! Ive got to have Music everywhere i go :)

  • http://www.robbfladry.com/ Robb Fladry

    It has allowed me to take all my music with me.. I don't have to fumble with CD's anymore.. I have everything I want right there at my fingertips.. it's magical!

  • EVula

    I used to haul a bunch of CDs with me everywhere I went that I'd be listening to music (for example, the warehouse I worked in for a couple of years…). When I got an iPod, suddenly I didn't have to do that anymore, and could listen to ten times as much music at the drop of a hat without trying to swap CDs in the car. It was fantastic.

  • Gregory Vaughn

    The bigger iPods (like the Classic) gave us the ability to carry our entire Micheal Bolton library with us at all times….by far the biggest highlight for my life the last decade!!

  • Nathan

    It revolutionized the entire Music Industry.

  • http://www.justanotheriphoneblog.com brandon

    Here's how the “Classic” really changed our lives:
    1. Less significantly – it doubled the battery life over the prior 5th generation.
    2. More significantly – it ushered in the era of Cover Flow. From here on out there was hardly a single Apple product that didn't include Cover Flow, and before you knew it, not only was it a way to display album art, but it was integrated into OS X's Finder, Microsoft started using similar concepts for Explorer, and all loads of other products began to include similar interfaces. IMHO the Classic began a UI revolution. Lists of items in a folder no longer had to be boring icons with names beside them – now the can be stunning slideshows of your stuff.

    Sometimes it's not the product itself that changes our lives, but the little things inside we've forgotten about.

  • http://twitter.com/e_moran Egoitz Morán

    iPod Classic is the best iPod. Works perfect for it was created. :)

  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    I hear you there. I carried 75 CDs and a Discman in my backpack across Europe. That was seriously extra weight!

  • Lawrence

    Two things stand out in particular. 1) Portability. Having a sizable music library available anywhere. It certainly beats flipping through a CD storage case the size of a cement block.
    2) Creating playlists. Where I used to have tons of various mix CDs lying around, now I can create a new playlist while brewing coffee each morning. Easy Peasy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mcgee-Claudia/1627781491 Mcgee Claudia

    Its simply a musical genius for all !
    gigantic 160GB storage space and i can store up to 40,000 songs with no skipping,amazing Sound Quality and small enough to take with me Everywhere ! :)

  • http://twitter.com/lozanoj83 Johnathan Lozano

    it's the iPod that started it all
    I think enough is said.

  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    Congratulations Dan! You've been randomly selected as the winner of the iPod. Please email me your address daved AT griffintechnology DOT com