Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Photo from Flickr by: Lydia Marcus I have great memories of popping in 8-track tapes in the stereo of my dad’s car when I was a kid.

As I got a little older I spent countless hours listening to records, only to quickly record them to cassette, so that I could carry them with me in my Sony Walkman.

8-track, turntables and cassette players were all essential to my music consumption growing up. Am I dating myself here? Don’t answer that.

In the last decade, digital music players have quickly replaced the above. We truly now live in the age of the MP3.

During April, join us for Throwback Thursday as we pay homage to some of our early favorite MP3 players from Apple, Sansa and Zune. You’ve probably owned a couple of these, you may even still own them.

Follow our blog each week to check out what’s for sale in our Throwback Thursday sale. We’re even giving away some gently used MP3 players we had lying around the Griffin photo studio. They’re fully functioning and practically good as new!

Details on our first item up for grabs tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Photo by: Lydia Marcus