SURVIVOR: Real Proof

A few weeks ago we announced our new Survivor iPhone 4 and iPod touch case. As we mentioned, it’s our strongest case ever!

After sharing the video, we received lots of comments about further tests that you think we should do. Gizmodo’s Kat Hannaford addresses us directly by saying: “One day, I’d like to see a case manufacturer test their wares with a bazooka though. I’d possibly settle for a slingshot, but you’d have to throw in a novelty Angry Birds joke while doing so. Any chance of that happening, Griffin?”

Why yes, Kat, there is a chance of this happening! We’re now taking your ideas! :)

Enter to win an 8GB iPod touch and Survivor case!

Head to the Survivor page to enter your idea of how we should test it. If we select your idea we’ll shoot a video of the test, share it on the site, and send you our black iPod touch Survivor case. Oh, and we’ll include a brand new Apple 8GB iPod touch too.

We’re excited to provide you with more real proof that Survivor is the toughest case we’ve made.