Enter to win SignMyPad with colored Stylus

Enter to win SignMyPad with colored Stylus

SignMyPad PDF appWe’re teamed up with the guys at Autriv Inc to give away 10 copies of their popular iPad app, SignMyPad. We’re also giving away 10 colored Stylus!

Autriv Inc describe SignMyPad as a simple to use PDF reader and annotation tool. No more printing documents to sign them, then find a fax machine or scanner to send them back. Save trees!! With SignMyPad you can load PDF’s right from your email, or dropbox and add text, date and your signature. Email it right back out from the app!

You don’t want to miss your chance to win one copy of SignMyPad $3.99 MSRP with our best selling, colored Stylus $19.99 MSRP. Enter now.

Congratulations to our winners!

May 9: Gautam Shah
May 10: Rich Lilya
May 11: Eric Blair
May 12: Jerry Goldbaum
May 13: Darrell Lee
May 16: Guan Peng Eng
May 17: Shelley Frontiero
May 18: Debra Pearlstein
May 19: Crissy Durst
May 20: John Albarado

If you didn’t win…

Don’t fret, we have plenty of other great ways for you to win something! Good luck.

7 responses to “Enter to win SignMyPad with colored Stylus”

  1. Justin Esgar says:

    We are super glad to be in this contest with GriffinTech. Thanks Dave!

    Justin Esgar
    Autriv, Inc.

  2. Dave Delaney says:

    Thank you Justin!

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