Road trip tip WindowSeat HandsFree winners!

Road trip tip WindowSeat HandsFree winners!

Road Trip TipsThanks to everyone who entered our Road Trip Tips giveaway. The winners (and their tips) of our new WindowSeat HandsFree are…


Leave early in the morning and drink a large amount of coffee.


After taking the month of June off and traveling the south and west, I have many. Top three are:

1) Stop every few hours. We visited 12 Nat’l Parks in 20 days, hit numerous landmarks, and learned a lot along the way.

2) Look out the window once in a while. We have a very beautiful country!

3) Get local recommendations for eating. Mom & Pop places have amazing food. And never be nervous to try something new.

One more:

4) We had a few CDs and three iPods. A variety of tunes is important.

the captain

I pack four main items for all trips:

1) extra water for everyone on board

2) First Aid kit

3) Sunglasses

4) Sunblock


Two words: TOILET PAPER!

Randy Cantrell

My personal road trip tip is make sure you load up lots of ZZ Top on the iPhone, turn the volume up, drive at night and roll the windows down! “I’m bad, I’m nationwide…”

Donna B

Bring crayons and coloring books for the kids along with their favorite blankets; snacks; water; wet wipes; favorite music.


Be aware the gasoline is very important! I have once stayed with tank empty and couldn’t move on.

Seth C. Holler

Audiobooks. I’ve listened to four Dickens novels in the car. (They’re about 30 hours each.) A great way to pass the time on long work routes and car trips.

PS – Dickens audiobooks are usually performed by great actors, who sometimes are required to do 50+ voices.

Also highly recommended: Tim Curry’s reading of the Lemony Snicket stories.


always have a camera that is chareged or has fresh batteries handy as soo many times we have seen something amazing and didnt have one with us , neevr know when big foot might cross the road lol

bryana medina

Be a good co-pilot – stay awake and talk to the driver

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