More great promotions!

More great promotions!

Heather Schoegler winner of Col. LittletonAs you know, we have recently held some fun promotions. We gave away iPads with our most popular iPad accessories back in January, and eight lucky winners won iPod nanos with our Slap nano bracelets last month. It was just a couple of weeks ago that we randomly selected Heather Schoegler as the lucky winner of our amazing Col. Littleton No. 42 Courier Bag!

The best part of putting together promotions is seeing the winner’s reactions, like Adam Riggin’s when he won our Underwhelmed Gift sweepstakes and received an iPad with lots of Griffin goodies. Thanks again for the video Adam.

Last week we all enjoyed reading Heather’s blog post about winning the Col. Littleton bag. It’s even more fun today, because Heather wrote another post about receiving the bag, she even included photos of it. You should check it out! We’re still jealous Heather. :)

Currently, we have a chance to win our new Rick Nielsen iPad and iPhone cases with a $1,000 credit at You should enter if you haven’t yet. If you win, perhaps you can share some photos or a video too.

We have more exciting promotions in the works. You definitely want to be subscribed to our email newsletter for the details.

Photo from Flickr by: mrsschoegler

  • Adam

    Griffin might be the most awesome-to-the-customer company out there.

    • Dave Delaney

      Thanks very much Adam. That’s kind of you to say.
      Great to hear from you too.