DriveSafe 22 Road Trip Tips

Look who won $250 and BlueTrip Aux!

DriveSafe 22 Road Trip TipsLast week we opened a giveaway to win two $250 pre-paid credit cards and two BlueTrip Aux. Both perfect items to use to make sure your road trip is amazing.

We asked you to leave us a tip in the comments to enter. Before this we created our own collection called DriveSafe 22 Road Trip Tips.

Between our tips and the more than 400 amazing tips you left, the blog post has become THE PLACE to visit if you’re planning to hit the road. Seriously, you all left incredible tips!

Our two winners are…

soulfliesfree who wrote:

Never ever leave home without water. At least a gallon and carry trail mix or snacks. My car broke down and my phone died was stuck 9 hours in 100 degree weather having to walk a mile just to get food while my car was fixed. I will never leave without ample water to survive at least 24 hours ever again …in fact carry two gallons in case of passenger!

Kbourassa22 who wrote:

My favorite road trip tip is to pack healthy snacks. It’s cheaper and better for you. If you are going far, stop often to get out and walk around. Bring plenty of water. If you’re driving in temperatures above 100° (like where I live) then make sure you have some sort of emergency road side kit. The extreme heat is causing people’s tires to pop on the highways! So be safe!

Congratulations to soulfliesfree and Kbourassa22!

Both winners were selected randomly. It’s funny to note that they both included bringing plenty of water as a tip. There is probably something to this considering the whole country is melting in the heat. Don’t forget your H20!

Didn’t win? Don’t be too disappointed. We have some great new giveaways in the works. Here are three tips, so that you don’t miss a thing.