Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby

As the weather gets colder and winter sets in, it’s good to remember the ice. No, not that ice, but our Outfit Ice cases for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

OutFit Ice iPad

OutFit Ice iPod touch

OutFit Ice iPhone

Let’s give some away!

Leave a comment telling us what you LOVE about ice. We’ll randomly select 3 winners each for one of our Outfit cases. Winners will be selected this Friday after 12 pm CST. Good luck!

UPDATE: The winners are…

Congratulations to everyone. Please email me (link on the left side of the blog) with your full name, entry name (as seen below), email and shipping address.

Our three Outfit Ice for iPad winners:

Simon James Betts
Ethan Melton

Our three Outfit Ice for iPhone 4 winners:


Our three Outfit Ice for iPod touch winners:

Gee Why
John Vargo

  • hkdkat

    It is very cool!!

  • GeekisCarnage

    I love the look of the ice. I have the outfit gloss for my ipod touch 4g and it protected my ipod from a 5 foot drop. I always loved the look and the feel of a satin case.

    • Dave Delaney


  • Brooke

    I like the variety of colors it comes in

  • Nadeem Khan

    Ice is the most versatile form of water. It makes your drinks cold and your roads slippery and carve it and you have a sculpture. It’s hard as a rock but shatters easily, it can be clear, frosty and all types of transparencies and let’s not even get in to dry ice.

    • Dave Delaney

      Great comment!

  • Dan Beaver

    I love the small form factor of the Ice!

  • Rolene

    I love the colors and the design. Griffin never disappoints!

  • bryant

    I love how it looks on the ipad, not bulky at all, just cool as ice!

  • Cara M

    I love that it comes in pink! I’m a sucker for girly things, plus I really hate the one I got for free from Apple for my iPhone 4. I wish I had gotten the Griffin one!

  • Iponder2

    I like that red eye popping colour!!

  • Christie Reid

    I love all of the pretty colors!!! (And would be perfect since I just got a new iPhone!!!).

  • bc

    Ice is cool, like your great cases.
    and most importantly, there wouldn’t be ice hockey, without ICE !

    • Dave Delaney

      He shoots! He scores!
      Great point. :)

  • Gee Why

    In Hawaii, we really don’t have ice from winter so an Outfit Ice has to bring the cool.

  • Rileyflanagan

    Griffin cases are the beet great quality will be entering this contest,
    Ice cases look amazing great colors etc

  • John Vargo

    I LOVE the irridescent finish!

  • mkrus

    Love the colors and the frosted finish…!

  • amberweinberg

    These cases look awesome! I need one for both the iPhone and the iPad…the ones I’m using just don’t cut it right now.

  • Adhayes84

    I like the hot pink Outfit Ice for iPod Touch 4G because it looks good.

  • Ethan Melton

    Because it’s Christmas time, and Ice is the perfect Christmas gift. Merry Christmas :)

  • Peter Wiklund

    The best part about Ice….when the lakes freeze over it’s snowmobiling time!! zrooom zroooom! :)

  • Simon James Betts

    most cases make your iPhone, iPad or iPod look worse, but the very cool electric colours of the Outfit Ice actually make it look better and that is a hard thing to do.

  • Ellen76

    I like how it smells. Give my iphone that new car smell again.

  • Nate

    I love the look of these cases; they’re smooth, but still offer just a bit of grip!

  • Anonymous

    The fact that you can take ice made from water and sculpt it into ice made by Griffin.

  • Anonymous

    I love skating on the ice and having icicle fights.

  • FireworksTutorial

    Loving the ice case. Color looks vibrant and awesome as well as the stand! 😀

  • Mitch Brevard

    I think the finish is just fantastic. Would look great on my iPad. Thanks.

  • JC

    I love ice because it makes for interesting commutes to work!

  • Mommamia25

    I like how slim they are and all the colors. I can mix and match depending on my mood :)

  • Macgirl

    Would love to check out an ice case for iPhone. Cool and crisp!

  • Jimena Sanchez

    Although I’ve never held one personally it looks to be very sturdy and stylish. Definitely fits all idevices well and i’m sure it would go well with mine! love the colors too

  • Pink2

    Purple is my favorite color and this would be perfect to protect my iPhone!!

  • Renee Simmons

    I like the sleekness!

  • Rob Goodwin

    I like ice’s ability to cause classes to be cancelled when there’s enough of it on the ground.

  • Rick

    I like ice because it makes for great margaritas!

  • Jennoquin

    Love the colors!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary M.

    I LOVE ICE! Couldn’t have a martini without it! 😉

    I also love the pretty colors of the Outfit Ice cases.

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