Hands-free Mic + AUX Cable winners!

Hands-free Mic + AUX Cable winners!

Hands-free Mic + AUX Cable

We are really excited about the reaction to our giveaway to win one of ten Hands-free Mic + AUX Cable. We had nearly 700 comments, that’s 700 of you who really wanted to win.

Thank you all for your kind comments, retweets, Buzzes and Facebook shares.

The ten winners are:

Dan (OneOfSwords)

This is a very clever looking device. I’m uncomfortable with in-ear devices and I have tried to drive and fiddle with the phone at the same time and I don’t feel in control at all. This might be the answer. Thanks.


Griffin always has such state of teh art equipment and you can count on their quality. Using other low cost knock off brands can and will ruin your expensive equipment. Trust Griffin…

Hector Lee

Finally someone ups the game by bringing something game-changing to the table. Big plus point for Griffin.


I have been Patiently waiting for this microphone. I Can’t have Blue tooth installed in new 2009 Malibu or it Voids my warranty!!!! This is my solution :)


Woo, I’d love one! (Depending on whether “next Friday” was today.)


This could be very helpful !

Stokes Dickins

What a great idea. Always a hassle to pick up iphone when it’s connected to the car aux in jack. Can hear the other person on car speakers, but they can’t hear me. Will order one, if I don’t win, as I’m tired of dealing with quirky Bluetooth speaker.

Alex Wanless

You guys always seem to have the best products out of all the products out there. Keep up the good work!

Alison Groves

Would love to try this out, for sure.

Kyle Cheriton

Finally, just what I have been waiting for! Life is good today.

Congratulations everyone. We’ll be doing more giveaways here soon. Stay tuned.

  • J B

    can the microphone end be inserted into the iphone instead of the aux in port?