Don’t miss this blog post!

Don’t miss this blog post!

It’s iPhone 4 Day! It’s iPhone 4 Day!Apple  Gift Card

When iPhone 3GS became available last year, we were there. A few of the Griffin gang rose bright and early to greet Nashville Apple enthusiasts who had queued through the night. I should add that a couple of our own staff were first in line! Talk about enthusiasm!

This morning we happily joined our friends who were eagerly awaiting the Apple Store doors to open at the Mall at Green Hills.


At Griffin, we’re celebrating Apple’s latest work of art with some incredible iPhone 4 accessories.

To celebrate with you we asked you to leave a comment on the blog with what you’re most excited about in iPhone 4. On Monday we’ll randomly select one lucky winner who will receive a $500 Apple Store gift card!

Leave a comment NOW before midnight to enter!

Terms & Conditions

Regular Apple Gift Card terms and conditions apply. One winner will be selected at random after 12:00 PM CST, Monday, June 28th. One entry per person. Entrants with multiple entries shall be disqualified. Entrants must be 18 years old or older. Winner will be announced on this blog and on Griffin social networking sites. This giveaway is offered to US residents only, except for employees of Griffin Technology and Apple Inc. (and the immediate families and members of the same household of such employees), who may not enter. If winner cannot be contacted by 12 pm on Monday, July 19th, 2010 or if a prize is refused, an alternate winner will be randomly selected. Prize is non-transferable nor exchangeable for cash. The odds of winning depend on the number of valid comments received. Giveaway closes at 11:59 PM, Thursday, June 24th, 2010.

By leaving a comment you agree to the Terms & Conditions above. Good luck!

  • blatherskyte

    I’m really excited about not paying for one if I win that $500

  • mk2fac3

    Face time looks incredibly awesome, so the front facing camera, the better screen quality, Everything! And it looks SOOO amazing with its new design!

  • Dirk Hoag

    I’ll be interested to see the display, that sounds like a big step forward.

  • AngelaL

    I loved the one on one customer service but I’m really excited about the dual cameras. I love taking pictures!

  • Jessy Yancey

    Video phone! The future is finally here. Well, and not just through Skype on my desktop. (Plus, I have a 3G, so video in general would be nice.)

  • Chris258chris

    display, desing and speed! that’s the best from the new iphone! with the griffin reveal iphone 4 case will be a great combination!!!

  • Argosytech

    I’m just stoked about the overall redesigned look and massive overhaul! Beyond the looks of it the total package is what I’m excited about! Now if FedEx would just freakin get here with it!!!

  • Madphill

    I’m super-pumped about the retina display because the fuzzy screen from before has been making me cross-eyed! Gonna be sweet.

  • Fred Shakeshaft

    there is so much to be excited about. the HD camera.. FaceTime.. it’s hard to pick just one. so here is my entry!

  • Pete Clark

    Faster processor. My iPad is fast, my iPhone 3G is getting pokey.

  • Anonymous

    The cam and video cam improvements because the best camera is the one you have with you.

  • Christie

    I think I’m more excited about the Reveal case for iPhone 4 than I am about the actual phone! :)

  • Lauren L

    The video chat feature is unreal! I can’t wait to test that out.

  • Ryan Walton

    I was excited to stand in line. Last year was a blast talking to all the people in line, and this year was no different. Unfortunately I couldnt afford the phone this year, but hanging out was still fun.

  • Allistair Lee

    I love the new design of the iPhone 4, plus the retina display. :)

  • Vanessa Diaz

    The sleek new design makes it easier to conceal so it’s hard to tell if it’s an iphone or a droid which is good because people like to steal iphones so much. And also the new screen is amazing with the 5.0 mega pixel camera with flash and front facing camera for face time. It’s amazing. Those features are awesome! The new cases that griffen has made for them are amazing too!

  • George Drage

    I think this is great.

  • Bracket Buddy

    i’m most excited about the form factor and tougher look.

  • Matthew

    I’d have to say better spec’d hardware.

  • Richard Felix

    Definitely FaceTime (just got off a call with my wife, AWESOME) and the Retina Display.

  • Christopher Brightwell

    new display, new camera w/flash, and flash memory upgrade

  • Dgossage1

    I’m really excited about HD video. The video I’ve taken so far looks amazing!

  • Jmroisen

    Can’t wait to get the new iPhone 4. Still stuck with the Motorola Droid until the iPhone comes to verizon.

  • Rita

    I’m very excited about facetime most of all as well as the new processor!

  • Shannon Migliori

    The new look & features such as video chat.

  • Matias Singers

    Excited to see how new games will use the new Gyroscope – will be amazing to play games with that.

  • Tyler Neu

    The new form factor and display!

  • mikkers

    I'm excited about the retina display and the 5 Megapixel camera!

  • Unretro

    I'm excited about using it on the Google internet webs. Oh, and the retina display.

  • Adam Auden

    As a 3G user right now, I'm all about the improved speed and the multitasking.

  • Grshaner

    The ability to edit movies with iMovie on the phone is incredible!

  • Chris Dejabet

    After having my iPhone in hand, the retina display is the biggest breathtaker, but I have been and am excited for the improved camera, as I used my 3G's camera a lot.

  • Mghines

    Love the HD video recorder and the flash on the 5mp camera. Super stuff that I will use often.

  • Valez Thornton

    I am so excited about the flash on the camera and that there is video calling. My little brother is getting ready to go off to college and this will come in handy. Woooohooo go iphone4. Was up and in parking garage at 12am.

  • Cougarcat

    The Griffin Reveal looks pretty slick. Any news on a ETA?

  • Dave Delaney

    How does NOW work for you? 😀

  • Mlicciardi

    first off i would like to say that i am SOOOOO exicted to support apple on this new awesome iphone 4 that currently came out and give a big congratulations to all the apple engineers for a job well done…anyways i am defidently most excited about is the folders because that alone will help me stay completely organized without having to mess with page after page of apps :)

  • Bbtatom

    I got to the green hills mall this morning at 1:45am and waited witht he rest of the group…All i can say is that it was well worth it! My favorite thing about the new iPhone is the screen resolution and the HD video recording! And a big thanks to Griffin Technology for the bags and headphones!

  • Jasonr

    I don't know if I could handle the pressure of deciding what to buy for $500 but I'm willing to give it a shot!

  • spicyj

    New display!

  • Melissa

    The lines moved slow, but good people in line and enough phones to go around both reserved and unreserved. Big question- when can we get the Nashville Rising case for the 4G??? Please sell these as fundraisers for the flood victims!!! Utilizing this phone even more than the 3G to get word out to flood relief workers in the field and coordinate resources for victims. Big nod to the iPhone for having basically a mobile computer in the field for disaster work!

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks. Did you see the cases for 3G/3GS and Hatch posters?

  • Dave Delaney

    Good answer! 😉

  • Dave Delaney

    Thank you. I hope you've got your head on a pillow now, you've earned it!

  • Aaplfan

    The new display , face time and the upgraded camera are my top 3

  • Ivan Grynov

    The screen and speed of new iPhone are awesome! Especially for 3G owners.

  • Dave Lowe

    My official answer is the HD camera, but the real answer is the design and that sick display.

  • Nora

    I love the new design. Still thinking about selling 3GS :).

  • kevin t

    The front-facing camera & FaceTime.

  • Dave Delaney

    Read the fine print 😉

  • Leonard Finestein

    Supporting – Leonard here to rock out! I'm just excited to see it , play with it, and check out my videos on it :)

  • MiPodGuy

    I’m most excited about the new camera that it has.

  • jonathantw

    I really like the new display, extremely sharp and easy on the eyes. Photos, especially the high resolutions ones, show really well on the phone. The design, form and weight have a good balance. I also like the camera, even though I haven’t used it extensively. I love my new iPhone 4.

  • Nicholas Heffington

    The feature I’m most intrigued about is the use of multi-tasking with the new hardware of the phone.

  • Rick

    The awesome new screen!!!

  • Chelsea

    The new design! Gotta love it!

  • Clementeespejo

    Looking forward to Facetime and iMovie!!!

  • Frank R

    Cool phone would love the memory and performance boost compared to my 3GS

  • James De Luna

    I am most excited about the new camera system that Apple has put in this iPhone: the 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and the front-facing camera, which enables the new FaceTime feature. I don't think I'll have to carry another camera with me now.

  • Karampal

    the facetime and multitasking is awesome. the retina display is simply awesome. nothing like it.

  • Daniel C

    New camera to take quick, but good quality, pictures!

  • Randa

    Definitely new display. I haven’t seen it with my eyes yet :).

  • Kllangmade

    I'm most excited about being able to video call with family members across the country I don't get to see enough : )

  • Yeraze

    I'm personally interested in the new “Fast App Switching” features.. I've already got my iPhone4, and the quick-switch between 1Password and anything else is a godsend!

  • 148Apps

    The screen is amazing

  • Kate O'

    I'm an app hoarder, so I'm pretty excited about folders, but that's in the OS in general. As for the phone itself, I think it's great to see so much improvement happening to the camera and video capabilities, so I'm pretty stoked about that.

    I should also say that I'm excited about all the cool new accessories Griffin will introduce for the new iPhone. :)

  • Anonymous

    I am most excited about the 5 megapixel camera with the LED flash. While the screen and speed will be nice, the camera flash is what sold me. Now I don’t have to carry a different camera out after dark. Phone, Video, Music and Camera all in one!

  • Ben H.

    Definitely the form factor and the screen!

  • Farès Fayad

    I'm so looking forward the Retina Display! Also pls note that the iPhoe would look fantastic in the Reveal case! WOOT!

  • Robb Fladry

    HD video recording in my pocket. Always!

  • Rae Whitlock

    Not necessarily a technological feature, but I'm pretty excited about the design.

  • kim day

    I expect to love the flash for both still and video images (since my phone is the only camera usually on me, this should be really helpful)

  • Kate Schmidt

    I'm super excited about the camera, and also having a phone that isn't broken. :)

  • scottymac

    After moving from the 3G, the speed is definitely the biggest factor, followed by battery life.

  • Mmmaynord

    It shall be a consumer electronic i'll own.

  • Andrea Fisher

    I am really excited about the new camera and video features, whoo hoo apple!!!

  • Clementeespejo

    13min and my post is still not showing. ???

  • Robert

    I’m excited almost about everything in iPhone 4: design, 512MB ram, display, camera HD, iOS 4.0!

  • Jimena Sanchez

    I think the thing that i’m most excited about Iphone 4 is the ability to multitask and the phone itself which is a beauty! so thin and that display looks amazing!

  • Razor

    That unbelievable screen that looks better than real life paper.

  • Roger

    Retina display, overall performance improvements, and that sweet, sweet 5mp camera!

  • Marco Herrera

    white version w/ green bumper

  • Jocke Selin

    The screen is just amazing. It’s soooo clear! And FaceTime actually works! Yay!

  • Jim Stelluto

    Love my iPad. Now I need the new iphone! Darn…at least Griffin’s got me covered. Thanks GT! Still looking for an ikaraoke though.

  • Matias Singers

    I'm excited to see how game developers will utilize the new gyroscope – it looks amazing.

  • Madalea

    Retina display is cool. What about iPad ? I want to see retina display in iPad. :)

  • Craig

    I can’t wait to get the iPhone 4 to meet a steadicam smoothee! This will be awesome. HD video + steadicam = perfect. Also, looking to buy a Griffin case for it! The bumpers are not nearly as cool at Griffin’s cases!

  • Chris

    It’s my 10th wedding anniversary, I waited 12 hours thinking I was insane, and being somewhat embarrassed, but to quote Phil Dunphy, “nothing says I love you like the gift of technology”. My wife loved it!

  • Westerfield

    Just the speed compared to my old 3G.

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks Kate!

  • Dave Delaney


  • Dave Delaney

    Now you're talking Christie.

  • Dennis Whiteman

    smaller size

  • Brian Ramlakhan

    I most exicited about the 5.0mp camera that can take 720p videos witch is so cool. I now i live in canada but if i win ill give it to someone i now in the states

  • georgestarcher

    My favorite thing is the improved camera. The 3GS camera was such a disappointment. Now I feel the results are the phone camera sees what my eye sees. It’s great!

  • Brandon Whiteside

    Love the new retina display! And the 5 MP camera. The fact that it looks awesome helps, too :-)

  • Michael Schuermann

    I'm thrilled about the new camera. And with the A4 processor it's blazing fast, too!

  • Robert Murray

    Super pumped about the increased processing power. This will enable greater editing creativity and speedy saving of the edited photographs.

  • willimac

    I'm looking forward to the overall speed of the iPhone. FaceTime, of course! The retina screen and improved camera with flash will also be nice.

    Now the real search begins… which case to get!

  • Keith Kitaji

    I Love all the NEW features and redesign!!! Especially, the display and multitasking!!! I am excited to be a “CUSTOMER” instead of an Apple Store employee; though I probably have a better chance if I still worked in one! But, I know first hand how insane launch day is and I am glad that I am not having to deal with all the issues like porting numbers!!

  • TheCokeDrinker

    There are so many things to be excited about for the iPhone 4! The most exciting thing for me would probably be the FaceTime chat and the new slim design with flash and a higher quality camera. I hope to have one in the future.

  • avinay62

    I was most excited about being able to FaceTime with friends and family; besides that getting my phone before everybody else. Only problem: epic fail when a 9 year old told me he got his yesterday in the mail and I still didnt have mine. Ha

  • Angel

    Beautiful retina display, very crisp color.

  • REL

    I am really excited with a new design!!! This means new cases yay!!! I can't wait for the white one!!! Thanks for the opportunity

  • MarkyMac

    I excited about the external antennae arrangement.

  • megan

    It's hard to say if I'm more excited about multitasking or the improved camera, since I can see myself using both of those on a multiple-times-daily basis. But if I had to pick one, I'd say the camera, as the one on my 3G just doesn't cut it most of the time.

    Unfortunately I will be waiting until July to pick up my white iPhone, but nonetheless: YAY IPHONE 4!!!

  • Aquar

    The retina display looks amazing !

  • Chris Peters

    Griffin Tech is the coolest Apple accessory maker above all.

  • L Dante Guarin


  • vmarks

    I'm most excited about the 90-some features that *weren't* announced at WWDC.

    Things like Notes syncing with cloud services.
    Things like the iPod app revamp.
    Bing instead of Google.
    Removing an app from the multitasking bar at the bottom by tapping and holding, same as rearranging on the home screen.
    No more HOLD button when in a call (I guess Mute and holding my phone away from my head is the same?)

    I'm excited about iMovie on iPhone.

    That's the idea.

  • L Dante Guarin

    oh yeah, and edge network speed is killing me.

  • Nick Basham

    The screen is incredible, but I'm most excited about the camera. Having a very capable pocket camera with you everywhere enables all kinds of fun opportunities to enjoy photography.

  • Androo54

    I was looking forward to having my first iPhone, first Smartphone ever… and since it came yesterday, it's been dreams come true (minus AT&T)

  • Martha Kelly

    960-by-640-pixel resolution!

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks Chris!

  • Kitty

    Can't wait to upgrade my iPhone and test out your new iPhone cases! I-m looking forward to multitasking apps on iOS4!

  • Paul Trentham

    Retina screen & 5MP camera.

  • dawn m. armfield

    Multi-tasking. It has to be the best feature yet.

    Or maybe the dual cameras. Gotta love that.

  • bmr

    Got my iPhone 4 delivered yesterday, ordered my Reveal case for iPhone 4 today, can't wait to receive it.

  • Alex Giger

    I'm most excited about the retina display. The picture is literally crystal clear and makes using the device so much more enjoyable. I got to the Green Hills Apple Store at 4:45 this morning and it was completely worth it. It also didn't hurt that I got a pair of earphones and a bag from Griffin either!

  • Flyboone

    I love the display, the speed, the camera… it's just awesome. Well worth the wait from 4am this morning. Thanks Apple! and Thanks Griffin for stopping by with the cool bags of goodies!

  • Simplyrik

    Looking to exploit the new Photo/Video/Audio functionality on the iPhone! Want to bring some of my 11 yrs of experience in Radio/Television into the handset to see how far I can take it. Oh and the Retina display & extra horsepower helps with that as well.

  • Dave Delaney

    Our pleasure. We'll have more video up soon. Thanks.

  • Dave Delaney

    :) Thanks Alex. It was great to be there today.

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks! Enjoy it.

  • JoshCalvetti

    I'm definitely most excited about the 5MP camera on the back. And the 326PPI screen is pretty hot too…

  • Michael

    Yeah awesome. Hope i get the giftcard

  • jeremymitchell

    My favorite is the multitasking. Folders is kinda cool too. Thanks for being their today. Nice bag and earbuds!

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks Jeremy. It was great to see everyone out. Cheers.

  • NinjaStars

    I'm definitely excited about the 720p camera as well as facetime!

  • Majkenii

    Most exciting thing about iPhone 4 – Dual Camera

    Best thing about iOS4 – Local Notifications

  • Brtalley5

    I was most excited about the dual cam flash, and facetime, but at the moment I can't get over the display and the speed. AMAZING!!!! Thanks a ton for the goodies, love my new pink earbuds!

  • graham tracey

    I'm really excited about the new sleek design and the crisp, clear Retina Display. :)

  • Pinklady185

    Most excited about having folders!!! But Face Time is amazing also, not to mention retina display mulltitasking, a bigger battery, and the A4 chip, & the sleek look of the redesigned phone… what's not to like about it?? Can't think of anything!!! =))

  • Ian Nott

    The new design. Aside from all the awesome new functionality packed into the iPhone4, Apple has once again jumped light years ahead of anything else on the market in terms of aesthetics. A fine work of art.

  • Dave Delaney

    Cool! Thanks.

  • Scott

    Most excited about the new display – first real innovation in ages in the smartphone world.

  • Dennis

    Video/Camera. I can't wait!

  • Devin H.

    I'm most excited about the new display, and the front facing camera!

  • Johnathan Lozano

    Improved battery life! No, seriously battery life improvement would be SO beneficial.

  • Peter Wiklund

    I'm really excited about the screen rez, HD vid and new design.

  • Winston

    While the new design is up there, I think the speediness of the A4 chip excites me the most. Can't wait to see how app designers take advantage of it!

  • EVula

    The new cameras, including FaceTime. I think that's something that has some very long legs, but people just aren't going to understand how revolutionary a feature it is yet.

    The Retina Display is pretty fantastic too; can't wait to see a second-generation iPad. :)

  • Jared Earle

    I'm most looking forward to the pixel density of the display and the new camera. Having picked one up, though, the ceramic and metal case makes me go all wobbly inside. Lovely.

  • A.J. Navarro

    Apple makes some of the greatest products out there. High end quality hardware that is simply flawless. They continue to strive with their works of art known as the iphone!

  • jfranklin

    Most excited about? Would be a toss up between the forward facing camera and the flash on the rear facing one.

  • Cowboy

    oooo, shiny.

  • OmgahWaffles

    really cool.. the new design is better… i hope it last longer too!

  • Max

    Thanks for this giveaway! I took my moms upgrade for my line (she was okay with it), now I feel bad because Im sure she wouldnt mind the new iPhone 4. She has to wait until December to get it for $400. Or buy it now for $600!

  • Sfheart

    I believe multitasking is one of the best new iPhone 4 features. Multitasking is going to save people time, and time is money, after all. Go Apple!

  • msheppard4

    I love the multitasking!

  • rj hernandez

    I love that new iPhone smell 😀

  • Kirk M.

    The amazingly thing design, and feeling so solid. It's so interesting how they always find ways to use glass everywhere! The back of the phone is glass…what?! Retina display, everything! An electronic device of the future.

  • Joel Becker

    I just can't wait to cuddle with the awesomeness that is the iPhone 4. Plus, the battery life, folders & overall design ain't so bad either.

  • Tom

    I am most excited about the new Retina Display it just looks so great!!

  • Alec Xu

    i loved that they added a front facing camera, and really like the new, sleek, thin iphone 4 design

  • dbingham

    512MB RAM. Seriously. My 3G is feeling VERY sluggish these days, I can't wait for the speed upgrade.

  • Jonathan Alexander Mahfood

    Everything! I'm just glad to have an iPhone back :) But probably most of all Facetime :) when it gets up and running with other apps that is…

  • Joel Rakes

    I'm super excited about the new camera… it seems much faster and much better quality!

  • Kin

    Facetime is what I'm looking for.

  • Tekkfu

    cant wait for to get mine and try facetime.

  • Cindywall

    Aside from the actual phone (which is syncing right now), I liked how unfailingly patient, upbeat and diplomatic the Apple staff was at Nashville's store. That stuff's not accidental.

  • TheCokeDrinker

    The new slim design, facetime and an upgraded camera with flash is awesome! Thanks for this giveaway!

  • blanki


  • Dean L.

    I would like to say that the most anticipated things about the iPhone I was most excited about was the video chatting and more vibrant display. Unfortunately I can't say that becuase after standing in line for 12 hours I find out that being a business customer of AT&T means that Apple can't upgrade my phones. It would have been nice to have gotten this little tidbit of information from one of the premier account reps I spoke with on multiple occassions the past couple days about upgrading. So needless to say I wasted a whole bunch of freakin time and came away with nothing. Thank you AT&T for showing me once again why you don't derserve the iPhone.

  • Dkb11

    I'm excited about the whole thing! Cant wait to get it!

  • Andrew M

    Look forward to using the video camera to capture some really great moments on upcoming and future vacations with my girlfriend :)

  • Kevin Barnhill

    There are so many things to be excited about, I can't just pick one.

  • James

    The new camera and display.

  • William Hammock

    I'm excited to see how technology has taken another step forward. You can read all about the new features but until you see them you just can't comprehend. I knew the new screen would be nice but I was BLOWN AWAY by it. You can read the tiniest letters. When the iBooks app was announced for iPhone 4, I thought whatever, I have that on the iPad. On the new iPhone 4 screen though, you can read stuff so easily that now I CAN see myself actually using that app. Apple has hit another one out of the park.

  • aapljack

    I am most excited about the display. From what I have seen, it is incredibly crisp.

  • iamnathanjohnson

    I'm most excited for the speed of that new processor!

  • Matt Fletcher

    I'm most excited for the Retina Display. I haven't seen one in person yet and really don't want to until I can buy it. Unfortunately Apple decided that even though I have bought a new iPhone very June, that I'm not eligible this time around. They want $599 for it! You're gift card would make it possible!

  • Bob P

    I love the crispness of the display on the iPhone 4; viewing it side by side with my 3GS, it's easy to see the difference.

  • Joe Kirk

    The camera. No more pocket camera or Flip Mino. One device is good enough to handle it all now.

  • Gary Burkhardt

    I like how much snappier the iPhone 4 is than my old 3G.

  • Trajanbgky

    I am excited to FaceTime with all of my other Apple friends!

  • Marc

    I kind of like the idea of being able to capture the world around me in video, editing it and uploading it on the go. iMovie for iPhone was a great idea that enhances the new iPhone's video abilities.

  • Sirnumbskull

    Got ours this morning. Was disappointed that they didn't have the Griffin Elan Wallet in the store for me to take a look at. I was hoping to discover a little more about this case. The phone itself, on the other hand, is pretty amazing. Great design, snappy UI, facetime just works…
    Good times.

  • Lubsy

    I'm excited about the upgraded camera! Yay for HD video!!

  • Sebastian Sanchez

    I can't wait to try the video editing on the new iphone4 with the improved camera!!

  • david

    smaller, faster, more battery!

  • Joey McNair

    The thing I like best about the new iPhone is the improved camera and the return to a more industrial design. Looking forward to picking one up after the frenzy subsides. :-)

  • Kbarnhill

    The most exciting thing is getting back home after 14 grueling hours!!!

  • Brad Pouliot

    ive been wanting to buy an iphone for some time so this would be pretty helpful in doing so

  • Allisan Mintz

    I'm upgrading from the original iPhone. I'm in heaven!

  • Keely

    I'm most excited about the antenna that runs on the perimeter, it should help with reception and interference. Pretty excited about that! And I want to win one. So I can have a cooler phone than my husband :-)

  • Noah G

    I'm most excited about the longer battery life – I've had the 20% alert sneak up on me after a long day at class.

  • Rob

    This is my first iPhone, and I'm already not sure how I ever went without one. Simply amazing. p.s. Thanks for the earbuds!

  • JC

    I am most excited about having a faster OS than what I am currently experiencing with the 3G.

  • Paul (Chiron1)

    I am interested in everything WXCEPT Facetime.
    Seriously interested in the improved camera & video, and anxious to see how it behaves with the extra RAM.

  • Dave Delaney

    What would you like to know?

  • Dave Delaney

    Hey, thanks :)

  • Dave Delaney

    Try eBay or Amazon, you'll likely find one.

  • Dave Delaney

    Patience. I'm just one person. :)

  • storymatt

    I'm most excited about making uncomfortable FaceTime calls while on the toilet. And in the shower. That is all.

  • C.C. Chapman

    The new camera with the ability to run FaceTime for something better then a phone call has me excited. Forces a new level of social anywhere in the world. I'm psyched.

  • Parth Dhebar

    I'm most excited about the iPhone 4 design! Love the industrial engineering that went behind it! Also love the new camera!

  • David Loeser

    I am looking forward to face time calls

  • Waking Badger

    I think the big selling point for me would be an always on me HD videocam for taking quick clips of my sons…

  • Shawn Lane

    Having a front facing camera is what I like best about the iPhone 4.

  • Russell

    Most excited about the camera upgrade in the iPhone 4, I'm moving up from an iPhone 3G. My wife is expecting our first child in October and with the ability to take high res pictures and HD video we should be ready to capture moments leading up to and after the child is born.

  • Craig Tataryn

    Folders is a big one for me, flash for the camera too! Love the digital zoom and the general snappyness on my 3Gs

  • jenvargas

    FOLDERS!! For the love of tech, FOLDERS!!!! :-)

  • Anny Wang

    i am looking forward for the sleek look!! it just looks so sexy!! ^_^

  • Red_spyder_gt

    After my poor experience with my iPod Touch and the 4.0 upgrade, also my unwillingness to support AT&T in any form, I will be an iPad to my group of devices.

  • cworkman29729

    what i love about the iPhone 4 is the video calling as it will allow peps that work/live far away from there family to see there families without needed a PC!

  • Ron Ledford Jr

    video chat looks cool

  • Bro_appleby

    improved camera, improved speed, improved battery… i gotta get one!

  • jenvargas

    Folders!!! For the love of tech, FOLDERS!!! 😉

  • Rachel

    I'm most excited about my phone battery not dying often and suddenly…which will mean I can take my time playing around with the new stuff!

  • tmobileg

    I've waited this long to experience my first iPhone. I've owned two iPod Classic. 20 GB & 160 GB. This is going to be the hottest iPhone ever! Apple has done it again.

  • Higgy

    For me it is about how this raises the bar in overall technology that all other handsets will be measured against. The industrial design, production materials used, EVERYTHING just rocks about this phone.

  • Tristan Heitkemper

    im happy about multitaskin

  • Wayne

    FaceTime is the killer app for iPhone 4, looking forward to seeing Grandma and Grandpa talk with the kids this way!

  • Chris Peters

    Last year the video camera in the 3GS was the killer app for my family. We didn't miss a special moment.

    Now with the iPhone 4 not only can we capture all these moments in HD but even watch them live with FaceTime. Which works beautifully.

    This new iPhone will be a major part of our family.


    I am pumped about that camera! W00t!

  • JenniLeeds

    I am most excited about Dave not buying the iPhone 4 today, because he can upgrade for free if we win this contest!

  • ming

    I'm just excited with the word “NEW”. Anything new from Apple is exciting

  • Brxtnh

    Increased processing speed is a close second, but Facetime takes the flag. Super excite.

  • DeAndra Crayton

    I am looking forward to taking pictures with the new camera & flash on the iPhone 4.

  • Donnasteinhoff

    OMG this would be so great to win. My husband wants a laptop so this would be great. fingers crossed.

  • David Beronja

    I'm looking forward to all the new goodies griffin tech will have for the iPhone 4, including a cool griffin swag bag! :-)

  • frumpa

    As lame as it sounds, everything. But if I had to pick 1 thing it would be FaceTime. I have grandkids that live 100 miles away and 1,000 miles away so being able to FaceTime with the m will be awesome! Kids grow so quickly.

  • Donnasteinhoff

    everything about the new iphone is exciting especially since my phone is a poc and like 3 years old. all features are great.

  • Kieran

    sharper display, better camera, updated design!

  • Kevin Tamura

    I'm looking forward to the retina display.

  • Swade_ofc

    I am so excited about the 5 mp camera.

  • alex

    I'm looking forward to the new design & Retina display.

  • John Skinner

    I love how fast this phone is “it's greased lightning”!

  • Dphipps

    I am excited about the battery life, the camera the screen size just everything. i am jumping for joy

  • Sam Shallenberger

    a4 Processor!

  • alex

    I'm looking for the new design and Retina display.

  • nfieldr

    Speed Baby… I feel the need for speed!

  • Tpoage

    Pumped for that Retina Screen!

  • esploded

    I'm looking forward to the camera! It's like a pocket camcorder, with 720p and all. 😀

  • Alex S. Leung

    I'm holding out for a White iPhone4 😉

  • Jake Butters

    i love facetime!!!!!

  • WB

    Looking forward to multitasking, video, and improved performance over my 3G.

  • Ashley3G

    The improved camera + Face Time!

  • Croquembouche11

    This maybe lame, but I love the ability to use wallpaper. It just adds a personal touch to your iPhone.

  • Louis_Nasuni

    New camera(s) and HD video – awesome.

  • Ajaikarran

    I'm enjoying mine. Pre-ordered a white 32GB from bestbuy. Got a black 16gb. They did not get 32's and we all know about the white models. Its super fast and just simply a neat device.

  • Li

    I like the FaceTime feature. That looks interesting

  • Rob Bone

    Retina Display, everything looks amazing now. The upgraded memory is a big plus too, everything loads so much faster.

  • Chadcounts

    I am loving the new screen. I don't even want to read a magazine or a book anymore, I don't think it could come close to being as clear as the iPhone 4's screen. It is simply stunning!

  • Kevin Sanders

    Hands down FaceTime is the largest step forward for mobile communication in a long time. Congrats to apple. Looking forward to seeing what griffintech has in store for iphone4!

  • Jrenner

    It has to be a tie between the multitasking and the higher res camera…and the video capabilities. The screen's sweet too…I have to pick? Really?

  • Tim Parmelee

    I am most excited about the new slim form factor, the display and the HD video since I use my iPhone to shoot video of my 2 year old triplets all the time.

  • the23jamesl214

    thanks for this great giveaway, i didnt think i was going to be able to get the iphone 4 but if i win this i will be able to. I am really looking forward to the facetime chats (if i get iphone 4)

  • Steve Lederer

    FaceTime is gonna be awesome!!

  • K. C.

    I'm most excited about the face time calls and getting one before my friends.

  • Goose2460

    I'm super excited about the gyroscope. I hope developers start making games that incorporate it soon.

  • hilary rose

    I'm most excited for the HD camera and the FaceTime calls!!!

  • dfiore

    certainly and without question the ability to make it through a day on a single battery charge, all the while using the cool new features

  • Tinabean17

    I am excited about the longer battery life and the sharper screen. :)

    PS- I love your Chilewich iPhone covers! Please make them for the iPhone4 too!!!

  • Jchriswall

    The text for reading anything is just fantastic! Getting used to the smaller size compared to my 3G with a case. Love it!

  • AG

    Battery life. I need battery life…

  • JoyHaynes

    I can't wait to one-up my husband who has a 3Gs. :)

    Also looking forward to the higher res photos and video. Oh and the extended battery life too!

  • Josh Goodson

    FaceTime is pretty awesome, but the better quality camera will allow me to take perfect looking pictures! I might actually start taking pictures of everything!

  • Alohamonkeys

    The camera FLASH!

  • Josh Goodson

    Hoping to get my comment in by 11:59 (CST?)!

    I am most looking forward to the improved camera, and FaceTime calls (although may not be used often)… I might actually start taking pictures of things with my phone now! (Plus the screen look amazing)

  • Ben

    I look forward to not carrying a separate camera with me.

  • Monica LaPlante

    where should i start? the sleek new aesthetic? face time calls? better camera? built-in nail clippers? well…maybe not. wishful thinking. very excited to upgrade.

  • Ryan Gray

    I'm excited about the camera improvements: HD recording, nice stills, front for video, and flash.

  • Azmacgirl

    I LOVE the folders. I also like the new design.


    Hey! AWESOME prize hopefully you meant midnight PST 😀

  • Mohsin

    The faster speed and the new display is the thing I am most interested in, seen one in the store and oh my god.

  • Scot Andrews

    I can't wait to get wifi back. It's broken on my 3G. Oh, and HD video means one less gadget to carry.

  • pelon

    The design of iphone 4 is most exciting especially the new touch screen!

  • Steve

    I can finally retire my Flip camera

  • Jim Harry

    I am loving the new camera! Oh, and the new screen. And the faster processor. I could keep going!

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks. We'll see what we can do. :)

  • Dave Delaney

    Congratulations Russell! Don't forget to backup the video and photos constantly. That's the footage you will NEVER want to lose. I'm excited for you both.