Battle of the Sexes #bosapp

Battle of the Sexes #bosapp

Battle of the Sexes app gameHe says. She says. Who’s right? Find out with Battle of the Sexes. It’s the hit party game that pits the girls against the boys in an outrageous, hormonally-charged trivia battle. Does she know which two stars mariners navigate by? Does he know what a silpat is in cooking terms? With more than 700 questions and Wild Cards, they’ll both have to call on their vast stores of WomanKnowledge and ManKnowledge in order for one of them to triumph. Play this completely updated version of the classic game on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for $4.99 from the App Store now, or enter to win one of five!

To enter to win simply click the green retweet button below this post. Be sure you keep the tweet as is, so we can randomly select five winners on Monday at 12 pm CST. If you’re not on Twitter you can register at Be sure you’re following @griffintech, so we can contact you if you win. Good luck!

** Please note that the free version of our Battle of the Sexes app is only available in the US iTunes app store. You will need a US iTunes account to receive the prize.

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners!

mike4dice saraminda cpwestergaard fairydancer35 georgeangelo: I’ll DM you the code shortly. Please let me know what you think of Battle of the Sexes.