And the winners are…

And the winners are…

Innovation Revolution Threadless caseYou guys were asked what your favorite innovation of the last decade was. Your comments were amazing, I think iPhone and iPod definitely took the prize, but TiVO and DVR were a runner up for sure.

I’ll be in touch with you all on Monday to arrange shipping out your new Threadless Innovation Revolution cases.

I used to choose the winning comments. Here they are… Congrats!


I’ll say multi touch technology. ie, iPod touch, iPhones, magic mouse and apple laptops’ track pad.
– oc3anlab

the iPhone. It has revolutionized the entire cell phone industry.
– Sarina B

I think online education was one of the biggest innovations that really took off in the last 10 years. It did originate in the mid 90s, but more universities really started incorporating it after 2000. As an online student myself, I really understand a lot of the benefits, like being able to make your own schedule, cheaper living costs, and being able to go to school anywhere in the world from your own home. I have students from Japan, Spain, and all over the US in some of my classes.
–  Chris Roman

I think the iPhone was the best invention from the last decade. It truly changed the view of not only smart phones, but phones in general.

– onne2slick

My favorite innovation of the last decade is definitely Twitter. Not only for connecting with friends, but news travel will forever be changed.

–  chez101

Innovation has gotta be the iPhone. Apple’s revisiting of what is a computer and what it can do was the big story of the end of the decade, and looks to be the big story of this decade (most likely) as well!

–  Michael Schuermann

Actually to be honest, my favourite would be either the iPhone 3gs, which I live by, or the invention of P2P sharing. Information (and other stuff :P) sharing for the win! (: Where would we be without torrents. and the iphone (:
–  Robyn L

Anything and everything that is wireless!!!! I need to move….!!!!

–  Cindi

iPhone hands down.
–  Chris Haaker

It has to be “distraction” phones… I mean Smart Phones and the apps that we love.

– rjhernandez

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