Smartphone for Business or Pleasure?

Smartphone for Business or Pleasure?

There’s an interesting post today on Silicon Alley Insider about the rise in iPhone use for business. A recent study by Goldman Sachs found that 50% of the respondents said they use their iPhones for “both personal and business use.”

iPhone Surprisinglt Popular for Business Use

How about you? Are you using your smartphone for both business and personal use? Let’s find out….

This is where I shamelessly plug our cases for BlackBerry and iPhone.

  • smartphonegirl

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  • murtiasih2020

    pleasure only

  • best smartphone

    That does surprise me I had expected higher blackberry use in the business sector I think more and more people will be making different choices for different reasons for smartphones.
    as smartphones all become multi tasking devices the choice will come down to which apps suit you best and I think that smartphones that are popular today in one genre may not be popular next year exciting times ahead.