We washed our site!

We washed our site! New

We recently gave our site a good washing! It has just finished running through the spin cycle and it’s nearly dry. I thought now is as good a time as any to tell you about it. Be sure to drop by www.griffintechnology.com to check out all of the enhancements and new design! Here are some of […]

How to quickly adjust iPad brightness

How to quickly adjust iPad brightness Tips & Tricks

I posted recently about how to quickly mute your iPad, especially late at night. One annoyance about using my iPad at night is having to go into the settings to adjust the brightness. Lo and behold, one of our awesome readers submitted the solution! Josh Velasquez writes: Before multitasking was introduced to iPad, you would have to […]

Your only remote is coming soon!

Your only remote is coming soon! Griffin Gear / New

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAwfJmFnNm4 Beacon turns your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a handy, easy-to-use remote for home entertainment systems—handy because you always know where it is: your pocket. It lets your mobile device control every component in your home entertainment system by converting Bluetooth signals from your device to the infrared commands your components are expecting. Beacon […]

How do you like us so far?

How do you like us so far? Fun

I’ve taken a few minutes this morning to put together a poll about our blog. I’m always interested in what you’re enjoying here most and least. By doing the poll, I’ll have a better idea on what you want here. The results will help me keep this a great blog. You like great blogs, right? […]

GuitarConnect will rock my summer! #schoolsout

GuitarConnect will rock my summer! #schoolsout Prizes & Discounts

School’s just about out for summer, so it’s time to get ready to rock! We’re giving away GuitarConnect to 10 lucky winners at 12 pm this Thursday, May 19th. What the heck is GuitarConnect? Our GuitarConnect Cable turns your iPhone, iPod or iPad into the most portable guitar rig/practice room/studio you’ve ever used. Connect the […]

We care about your screens

We care about your screens Griffin Gear

We care about your screens. That’s why we’ve added screen care kits for Screen Care Kit for iPad 2, Blackberry PlayBook, Motorola XOOM and HP TouchPad to our collection. We’re here to help you clean and protect your tablet. The included premium cleaning cloth removes smudges, dust and fingerprints without messy liquids, and without scratching your […]

How to mute your iPad, fast!

How to mute your iPad, fast! Tips & Tricks

Picture this, you’re sneaking a game of Angry Birds, while your significant other is fast asleep next you. Suddenly, the theme music blasts from your iPad! George Tinari from Techbitts submitted a great tip for quickly muting your iPad. Just press and hold the down button on the volume toggle and it will automatically mute the iPad. This […]

Enter to win SignMyPad with colored Stylus

Enter to win SignMyPad with colored Stylus Prizes & Discounts

We’re teamed up with the guys at Autriv Inc to give away 10 copies of their popular iPad app, SignMyPad. We’re also giving away 10 colored Stylus! Autriv Inc describe SignMyPad as a simple to use PDF reader and annotation tool. No more printing documents to sign them, then find a fax machine or scanner […]

Under Construction

Under Construction Misc

You may have noticed that GriffinTechnology.com is currently unavailable. Don’t worry, we planned for this. We are currently updating our site to better serve you. The new bells and whistles will be lovely, but for the next short time the site will be unavailable. You can still reach us on Facebook, Twitter and by contacting […]