How to mute your iPad, fast!

How to mute your iPad, fast! Tips & Tricks

Picture this, you’re sneaking a game of Angry Birds, while your significant other is fast asleep next you. Suddenly, the theme music blasts from your iPad! George Tinari from Techbitts submitted a great tip for quickly muting your iPad. Just press and hold the down button on the volume toggle and it will automatically mute the iPad. This […]

Enter to win SignMyPad with colored Stylus

Enter to win SignMyPad with colored Stylus Prizes & Discounts

We’re teamed up with the guys at Autriv Inc to give away 10 copies of their popular iPad app, SignMyPad. We’re also giving away 10 colored Stylus! Autriv Inc describe SignMyPad as a simple to use PDF reader and annotation tool. No more printing documents to sign them, then find a fax machine or scanner […]

Under Construction

Under Construction Misc

You may have noticed that is currently unavailable. Don’t worry, we planned for this. We are currently updating our site to better serve you. The new bells and whistles will be lovely, but for the next short time the site will be unavailable. You can still reach us on Facebook, Twitter and by contacting […]

Enter to win $1,000 cash and more!

Enter to win $1,000 cash and more! Prizes & Discounts

We are really excited to be working with our friends at Threadless on their case design challenge. Time is running out to enter to win some incredible prizes, including: $1,000 cash, $250 Threadless gift certificate, $250 towards a Griffin virtual shopping spree, and your choice of an iPhone or iPad! Check out the awesome designs […]

How to share photos on your iPhone or iPad

How to share photos on your iPhone or iPad Tips & Tricks

It’s easy to share a photo on your iPhone or iPad, but to send multiple ones can be tricky. There is a very simple way to achieve this that you may slap your head (like I did) when you learn how it’s done. Enter your Camera Roll and then click the arrow on the top […]

The Griffin Gallery

The Griffin Gallery Misc

I work with a group of incredibly gifted people. Not only are they amazing at design, mechanical and electrical engineering, software programming, writing, sales, marketing, etc., they are also talented artists. That’s why it’s so wonderful to walk through the Griffin Gallery in our office. The Griffin Art Gallery is our in-house art gallery that […]

May Reviewers

May Reviewers News & Reviews

It’s that time of the month when we announce next month’s reviewers! Don’t forget to sign up if you’re interested in reviewing Griffin products. May Reviewers OmniTechNews DreRandom craighton theiphoneaddict idevicerumors NoliesPlace Mactutor30 mattjhjmatt theapplegiveaways LonelyiPad One of our favorite reviews from April was @stardale01 who bashed his iPhone around in our Survivor case. It was […]

How to run from zombies

How to run from zombies As seen on TV

I just go introduced to Machinima’s online zombie series, Bite Me. It’s not safe for work or young kids, but it’s pretty awesome if you’re into zombies and gaming. In the episode, “Night Vision“, one of our web designers, Daniel, spotted our classic Streamline armband nano case. We’re not making that model anymore because nano changed, […]

How we use our iPads

How we use our iPads Fun

Last week, Marshall Kirkpatrick reported Google’s iPad survey (PDF) results on Read Write Web. Before you head over to read the results, let’s see if we all match up to Google’s findings. Take the survey below to find out. Select all the ways in which you use your tabletMarket Research

President Obama’s iPad 2 case

President Obama’s iPad 2 case Fun

Chris Rawson shared some photos of the president with an iPad 2 3G on TUAW. It’s proof that the president uses an iPad 2. While we think Apple’s Smart Cover is pretty nifty, we also have some incredible cases of our own: Elan Folio, Elan Sleeve Lite, FlexGrip, Reveal Etch, Reveal, Col. Littleton No. 2 Clutch, Col. Littleton No. 5 Pocket, […]