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Maybe it’s because I recently watched my daughter participate in a moving candlelight ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts and its founder, Juliette Gordon Low. Maybe it’s because I have a pre-teen daughter and teenaged son who are navigating their most fragile and formative years. Maybe I wish I were a teenager again (only […]

3 Free Ways to Extend Your iPhone 5 Battery Life

3 Free Ways to Extend Your iPhone 5 Battery Life In The News / Tips & Tricks / Tutorial

Like many, I’ve found that while the iPhone 5’s performance and screen are amazing, its battery life felt like it was somewhat less than my trusty iPhone 4.  Scanning the blogs and fora proved to be little help.  Lots of complaining, some generalized grousing about “LTE is a power hog” but little real data. So […]

What We’re Hearing: Ungdomskulen’s “Secrecy”

What We’re Hearing: Ungdomskulen’s “Secrecy” Music Reviews / Stuff We Love

“Modern Drummer”, off 2007’s Cry Baby, was Norway’s Ungdomskulen to a T: Hard hitting weirdo rock, delivered without a lick of self-seriousness, and with musical chops to take to to the bank.  On their fourth (if you count 2011’s 10-songs-in-10-minutes micro-LP Gimme Ten) long-player, Secrecy, the edges are smoother, but the songwriting is more lean. Mostly absent […]

What We’re Hearing: Deerhoof’s “Breakup Song”

What We’re Hearing: Deerhoof’s “Breakup Song” Music / Music Reviews / Stuff We Love

The first time I saw Deerhoof was at Nashville’s infamous stink-hole dive bar, the Springwater Supper Club and Lounge in 2000.  They tore through seven songs in under twenty minutes, putting then-new guitarist John Dieterich through his paces.  Drummer Greg Saunier’s lurching, powerhouse fills and bassist Satomi Matsuzaki’s child-like, sing-song lyrics were balanced perfectly by […]