Which iPhone Should I Buy?

Which of the “bigger than bigger” iPhones is the better choice for you? The answer here in the Griffplex is clear.  You need an iPhone 6 Plus. Or maybe you don’t.

“The 6 Plus is a perfect match”

^Josh, Online Marketing Specialist

When I turned my iPhone 6 Plus on for the first time I immediately recognized the outstanding display. The handful of apps that have been updated to take advantage of Apple’s new Metal framework look absolutely stunning. I’ve found myself using apps and playing games simply because of their stunning graphics. I’ve also fallen in love with it’s use as a “little” iPad.

The UI enhancements (in landscape mode) make the 6 Plus perfect for on-the-go email and other work related tasks. I no longer wait to open up my laptop before checking emails or reading my daily PDF reports. Which brings me to speed. I live in the middle of nowhere (about 70 miles southeast of Nashville) which means I have very few options (actually zero) for high-speed internet, so the increased number of LTE bands make a huge difference.

While there are several other features that I love about the iPhone 6 Plus, the last one I’d like to mention is Apple’s Reachability. Just double-tap the home button to shift the entire UI down within reach. This was a feature that I had to train myself to get used to. After a day or so of forcing myself to use the phone one-handed, it’s become very natural and saves me a ton of time. All in all, after almost a month with my new phone, I’ve found it to be a perfect match for me.

“The 6 Plus has too much Plus.”

^ Web, Copy Chief

iPhone 6 Plus is too Plus.I wanted it to be perfect. I even saved up, actually saved real dollars, to be able to pick up a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus is space grey. I was fortunate enough to get my order in early enough on pre-order day to receive one about 10 days after I ordered it. And it was absolutely everything Tim promised it would be. Amazing display, beautiful build quality. What wasn’t to love?  I returned it to the Apple store and swapped it out for an iPhone 6 in under a week.

In the end, it was just too big.  Too much Plus. I have perfectly normal-sized hands. But using the iPhone 6 Plus one-handed felt like I was carrying a tray of Ultra-Big Gulps without lids down a flight of stairs. And Reachability be danged, I couldn’t reach all the keys on the keyboard with my thumb.  Too, I take my phone when I go out on runs so I can capture Ingress Portals for the Enlightened (Go Green!) along the way. With my old iPhone 5, I could hold my phone one hand and fire XMP Bursters without missing a stride. But the size of the 6 Plus made this all but impossible. Finally, it came down to this: I felt like I was having to work entirely too hard to love my iPhone.


You should absolutely positively get the iPhone 6 Plus. Or the iPhone 6. Or the iPhone 5s is still a viable option.

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