The perfect gift for kids

The perfect gift for kids

We’ve been getting great feedback from you on our kid-friendly, volume-limiting headphones for kids, MyPhones. Here’s a few examples:

Road tested on my 12yr old daughter, a victim to fashion as all youngsters seem to be these days, she was instantly taken with them and has been using them almost constantly since they arrived. Despite knowing these have a safety design she thought them very trendy and seems happy to be seen using them, indeed a demo at school had her friends clamouring for a pair. So we can safely call them an instant hit.

MyPhones give parents confidence that their children are enjoying audio safely and responsibly. –  Nikki Moore of Girl Geek Chic.

Really nice idea, really well executed.Dan Sung of Dan was even kind enough to include a very cute picture of his daughter sporting MyPhones.

Speaking of cute kids using MyPhones, our friend Carrie at who helped inspire the product, wrote a great post and shared a video of her daughter singing along with her MyPhones. Carrie wrote:

So, Maria got to try out her new headphones during our Thanksgiving week flight. She loved them. I loved them. Because they limit the sound to a safe 85 decibles, I didn’t have to worry — or argue with her — about the noise level. They fit her head, unlike the cheap, adult ones we have used — the same ones Web saw — which slip off her ears and make it tough for her to wear them comfortably.

Have you checked out MyPhones yet? They make the perfect gift for your young loved ones, and they are available now at your local Apple Store and Target.