Hello UK & EU! Miss MagSafe? Meet BreakSafe!

UPDATED Monday, May 9.

Attention EU and UK friends!  BreakSafe is now available and shipping to the UK/EU.  Click here to order. 


BreakSafe – our new USB-C power cable with a patented breakaway mechanism that disconnects if someone (or something) trips over your Macbook’s power cable – is available now, and early press coverage is phenomenal!

CNET just did a live unbox over on their Facebook page.

Check out product reviews from Mac RumorsUbergizmo, Business Insider, and The Verge.

iDownload Blog says BreakSafe “delivers the cable-connector peace of mind you long for.

Apple World Today talked BreakSafe in its most recent podcast.

And 9to5Mac says BreakSafe is “a solid accessory for owners of the 12-inch MacBook.”.

Got a MacBook or Chromebook Pixel?  Then you need BreakSafe! Pick it up today over in the store.

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