May Reviewers

May Reviewers

Wow, how did May get here so quickly? Slow down Spring! 😀

As you know, we randomly select new reviewers on the final Friday of each month, today happens to be that Friday.

Here is the list of the ten reviewers for May:

James Rice @TheTechGuy411
Tim Parmelee @jst4tim
Brad Mapes gtruler513
Daniel O’Beid @daniel75o
Tracey Jeter @gadgetgal38
Andre Small @YouriPodHome
Jeremy Lu @IpodAppsEverywhere
Louis Abate @louis_abate
Alex Xu @itouchreviews09
Matthew Richardson @itzDeaMan

One of our favorites from last month is Jen McCulley‘s review of the Threadless Fail iPhone 3GS case. Check it out:

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