How To Review Our Products

How To Review Our Products

EDITED 20 July 2012: Corrected a typo.  Thanks ^RussG!

EDITED 27 June 2012:  The social web has changed considerably since this was first published back in November 2009.  Facebook and Twitter have exploded.  YouTube’s got more viewers than most broadcast TV networks.  And user opinions everywhere from personal blogs to retailers sites are serving a more critical role than ever in helping consumers make informed choices.

To make the most of this shifting, we’ve ended our Reviewer of the Month program.  In its place, we’re looking at new ways to get products out to you, the web’s citizen-journalists for evaluation and review.  But we can’t yet promise when we’ll have that program ready to launch.

If you’re interested in learning about our new program, you can sign up here.  You’ll be added to a mailing list specifically for details on any new review program we introduce.

Thank you for your interest and for being willing to lend your space on the web to our products.  We’ll talk soon.


Why yes, Griffin Mailbot! I would like to be informed when the new Reviewers Program is relaunched. To that end, I include my information below. I  understand that you will only use this info to tell me about the Reviewers Program, and that you will not use my information in a spammy way.
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Each week we receive over one hundred applications to receive our products for review on YouTube, blogs, podcasts and social networking sites. We love you for your enthusiasm and interest in Griffin. Due to the overwhelming number of requests we’ve decided to take a new approach to how we handle these requests.

YouTube friends who have already reviewed our products will be familiar with the application form we created for you. We’ve revised the application to include YouTube, bloggers and podcasters. If you wish to receive products for review we request that you fill out the new form each month, duplicates will be removed, so please only apply once.  

On the last Friday of each month we will randomly select 10 reviewers for that month. We’ll announce the reviewers here on our blog.

We have also created our Reviewer Policy which is a page outlining our relationship with reviewers. All reviewers must include the link: in their reviews. Thanks.


To apply please fill out the new form. Good luck.