Connect: The RootsRadio Interviews

Connect: The RootsRadio Interviews

Roots Radio.

Our friends over at Music City Roots really get music, specifically roots/Americana.  Not just the performance and playing of it, but the way music – and those who make it – get heard in today’s streaming, multi-channel entertainiverse.

Roots/Americana is one of those generes that almost impossible to describe, but instantly identifiable once you hear it.  Harder than most country, darker than most blues and closer to the bone than most folk music, roots gets at who we are as a people and where our music came from. It’s got influences in it from around the world.  It’s the stream that bluegrass, blues, country, gospel, rockabilly and punk simultaneously feed and draw from.

Ever since we first partnered with them and their sister program Bluegrass Underground, we’ve enjoyed all the different ways they take one of the coolest live shows on radio and make it available across the internet via Livestream, YouTubeSoundcloud, and more.

Now, Music City Roots has launched Connect.

It’s an every-Saturday, long-format interview with a growing roster of Music City Roots artists like Tim O’Brien, Gretchen Peters and Tommy Womack.  Connect is an opportunity for music journalist Craig Havighurst to talk at length with the writers and performers who make Music City Roots the amazing only-in-Nashville kind of  thing it is every Wednesday night out at the Loveless Barn.  In addition to posting it on SoundCloud, Connect runs throughout the week on

On any given episode of Connect, Havighurst and his guests will wrestle with the what and why behind Americana music.  It’s good radio and definitely worth a listen.  And don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday nights starting at 7 pm.  There are about a jillion different ways to listen, and Griffin’s proud to be a part of bringing you all of them.



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