Challenge Accepted: Survivor Endurance Takes CNET’s Drop Testing Head-On

Our team recently returned from CES 2019—the international Consumer Electronics Show, aka the biggest event in tech—and all in all, it was really action-packed. We announced a lot of exciting stuff and got the industry talking (see this and this), but what really spiked our adrenaline was taking on CNET’s live drop-test challenge, which included a 20-foot drop and cannonball impact.

Spoiler alert: Survivor Endurance nailed it. Read on to find out how it unfolded.


On January 9, CNET took control of the CES floor with a fully (and impressively) rigged testing station. We handed over an iPhone XR protected with our newest slim, rugged case, Survivor Endurance, and watched live, along with spectators in person and online, as Senior Editors Vanessa Hand Orellana and Lexy Savvides put each participating brand’s case-covered iPhone XR through some tough tests.

Up first? A six-foot drop onto tile. Survivor Endurance easily passed. CNET moved on to dropping each phone from 10-feet high onto tile. Naturally, Survivor Endurance protected iPhone XR again—we use MIL-STD-810 drop testing onto concrete for our Survivor cases, and Endurance clears 10 feet. However, that’s not all our case had to give.



CNET significantly raised the stakes by doubling the drop height to 20 feet. From way overhead, Orellana dropped each remaining contender onto the tile—and Survivor Endurance still came through by saving iPhone XR again.

The final challenge was even more insane: a direct impact hit from a 2-lb. stainless steel “cannonball”. The result: Survivor Endurance completely protected the iPhone when the ball was dropped directly onto its back from four-feet high. The phone was unscathed with its screen, glass back and everything else intact. The even bigger feat? Survivor Endurance was the only competing case that did not have a screen protector, and it’s a super-thin case too. Endurance survived these tests by simply relying on its own engineering—three layers of defense, including our intelligent shock-absorbing FortiCore™ technology.


We’d like to extend a huge thanks to CNET for putting us up to the challenge. We can’t wait for the next one.

To witness it all for yourself, watch the live recording here.

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