Best-Selling iPad Case?  Here’s Ours.

Best-Selling iPad Case? Here’s Ours.

Combine a solid, impact-resistant shell with a foldaway cover and you’ve got IntelliCase, our best-selling case for the new iPad.


Our best-selling case for the new iPad

I’ve been using the red one since my new iPad arrived and it’s quickly become one of my favorite cases for a couple of reasons.  [Warning:  Self-serving product review follows.]

1) The hard shell – This is a company-issued iPad after all, and I want to keep it in good shape.  The polycarbonate shell covers the back of the iPad and, more importantly, guards the edges from dings and drops.  It’s not as rugged a case as our Survivor for iPad, but it’s not supposed to be.  And while I don’t, in any way, condone this kind of use, my iPad has survived a couple of slip & falls from the top of the tool chest that serves as my desk drawers.  As always, you mileage may vary, and my case’s past performance doesn’t guarantee your future results.

2) The fold-away cover – I like to read while I eat.  The fold-away cover rolls open and tucks into a slot molded into the shell.  As a result, I can continue to slog through A Storm of Swords while I eat my Cheerios in the morning.  Doesn’t make me very good breakfast company, though.

Cover folds out of the way.

3) Material, fit & finish – We’ve used a matte textured polyurethane with a sort of twill pattern on the cover itself, while the shell is finished out with a bead-blasted texture.  The result is an understated look which, when combined with the red color, makes for a really nice combination.  Form-fitting shells present a lot of design challenges – and our design folks really nailed this one.    Our IntelliCase fits like a glove … snaps on and feels like it is of one piece with my iPad.  The cover folds shut and pops gently into place thanks to the magnets used to activate the iPad’s Sleep/Wake feature.

^Michael and I write about our products all day long, and we always wish we had more time to live with a new product before we have to produce packaging, web content and all the other pieces we’re responsible for.  Having lived with the IntelliCase for almost three weeks now, I’m happy to recommend it for anyone looking for an everyday case that’s more than a shell, but less than the armor-plated awesome that is our Survivor case.

So have you picked up your IntelliCase yet?

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