Use Siri and Never Forget Your Lightning Charge Cable Again

Use Siri and Never Forget Your Lightning Charge Cable Again

I love my iPhone 5.  I can’t live without it.  In fact, the only thing more important than having my iPhone 5 in arm’s reach at all times is knowing where the Lightning cable is.  Because nothing is a bigger nerdfail than trying to show off your new iPhone 5 to the next door neighbor and getting the Power Down spinning thing.

But Siri wants to help.

1) Launch Siri and say “Remind me to take home my Lightning Cable at every day at 5pm or when I leave Work.  Repeat Daily.”

2) Here’s what Siri displayed.  I give her a good solid B+ for effort.  Typically, I try and avoid a 5pm war when I leave work, but hey, whaddya gonna do?  If you have multiple Work addresses, she’ll ask you which work address.

The genius here is in forcing Siri to use both Location Services AND the Calendar to make sure you’re reminded no matter where you are.  And if you should have to dash out early, your iPhone 5’s GPS will cause the Reminder to fire close enough to the office that it isn’t a pain to turn around and go back for your cable.

3)  You’re almost done.  Then launch Reminders, tap the newly created Reminder and clean up the entry.  In my case, I got rid of the war and ensured the reminder was set to happen at 5 pm.  I would have liked to set the Reminder to fire off every weekday, but this will do.

4) Finally, set a unique sound to give you an audible on your reminder.  Pop into Settings, select Sounds and choose from iPhone 5’s dozens of alert tones one that will be unique to Reminders (and thus your Lightning reminder).  I chose Anticipate because its high frequencies manage to cut through the fig that typically accompanies the end of a hard day on The Rock.

Of course, you have other options.  We’ll cover those tomorrow.

What about you?  DO you have an easier way to not forget your Lightning-colored lifeline?  Share ’em below in the Comments section.


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  1. Jakexlukyx says:

    I bought an extra for $20 from apple.

  2. I have an iPhone 4 but i have a docking station at home and a lead at work

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