Woogie 2 is looking at YOU!

Woogie 2 is looking at YOU!

Woogie 2 keeps getting better, because now we’re adding googly eyes and more!

Woogie 2 with the Woogie App!More than just a case, Woogie 2 is the original huggable case for iPhone and iPod touch. Woogie 2 features a newly interactive personality, thanks to the Woogie App for iPhone and iPod touch, debuting at CES.

The new app brings Woogie to life with 10 unique faces activated by a variety of actions, such as laughter when the Woogie is tickled, dizziness when the Woogie is shaken, the ability to repeat words and phrases spoken to it, and the tendency to fall asleep when left alone.

Parents will be glad to know they can even play the Quiet Game with the Woogie App, disabling the talk-back feature. Woogie’s funny, friendly eyes and activities help make the world’s favorite huggable case even more loveable. The Woogie App for iOS is a free download from the iTunes App Store that is estimated to be available during CES. available NOW!

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