What do Baroque and 8-Bit have in common?

What do Baroque and 8-Bit have in common?

Introducing iClear Sketch. Coolest gadgets writes:

When you go to buy a Nano, one of the most important parts is picking the color.  Well, if you did pick a bright color, you might not want to cover it up and hide it away from sight with a protective case.  That’s why all of the iClear cases are so nice.  They are clear, but with a bit of a design over top of the color.  Well now the cases are even better since they’ve picked up a design that all classic game lovers can enjoy.

This Space Invaders version of the case is a great way to show the world your love of retro gaming or just love of all things retro in general.  The Griffin clear case will protect your iPod Nano from scratches or any bumps and bruises.  Which is always especially nice for the extra clumsy.  After all, replacing a case is always far cheaper than having to replace your Nano.

These new cases have a ghosted pattern that works perfectly for a subtle, stylish look. Choose the “8-Bit” or “Baroque” patterns to make your 4th generation iPod nano look that much cooler.

iClear Sketch provides total protection from bumps, bruises and scratches; and total access to screen, ports, and controls.

  • Combines the durability of Griffin’s iClear family of cases with ghosted patterns that compliment the color of your iPod nano
  • Durable polycarbonate shrugs off bumps, scratches and smudges
  • Includes a premium cleaning cloth for proper care of your iPod

Visit the site to pick one up while they last.

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