TechSafe Laptop Locking System

TechSafe Laptop Locking System


TechSafe Cable Lock

Like a bike lock for your laptop, our TechSafe Cable Lock combines the best of both security and mobility. In the office or on the road, TechSafe ensures that your laptop stays where you put it. TechSafe’s unique curved steel security blade slides into place scratch-free and secure, through the hinge on your laptop. The patented security blade is unobtrusive in use, without hindering access to your laptop’s ports and connectors. And TechSafe protects whether the laptop is open or closed.

Secure the 4-digit combination lock around the security blade to lock down the laptop without hampering your ability to work. Loop the tempered five-foot (1.5 meter) locking cable around a table leg, chair, or other immovable object, and your laptop isn’t going anywhere until you say so. When you’re ready to hit the road, coil and secure the cable with the included cable strap. TechSafe Cable Lock is perfect for any laptop that doesn’t include a built-in security anchor hole, or whenever you want a low-key, high-security option for protecting your machine.

TechSafe Clamp

Cable-based laptop security systems depend on a sturdy, secure anchor point to ensure your laptop doesn’t sprout legs and walk away. Now, no matter where you use your laptop, the Griffin TechSafe Clamp provides that vital anchor point.

A unique ball is at the heart of the TechSafe Clamp system. Tighten it to adjust the Clamp to tables, shelves, desks or flat surfaces up to 1.8″ (45 mm) thick. Slide the ball upward and thread your security cable through the middle of the ball before locking it to your laptop. Now the ball is locked out, unable to loosen the clamp until you’re ready to release it. The TechSafe Clamp is designed for use with Griffin’s TechSafe Cable Lock system, but it will with other cable lock systems and devices, as well.

Pricing and Availability

Both new products will be available in the first quarter of 2011.
TechSafe Cable Lock: $29.99
TechSafe Clamp: $19.99

Going to CES?

If you’re going to the Consumer Electronics Show, be sure to pop by our booth – North Hall #4727 to see them in person.