StudioConnect: The Real Easy Way to Play Real Instruments on your iPad

StudioConnect: The Real Easy Way to Play Real Instruments on your iPad

Like a lot of our products, StudioConnect was borne out of a need that one of us had. StudioConnect for iPad In this case, John in Product Dev wanted an easier way to digitize and record his guitar on his iPad so he could manipulate the track with GarageBand.  As the idea grew, we wanted to be able to use MIDI controllers too.  And monitor the sound.  And make sure that the iPad didn’t run out of power. The project, which we codenamed “MIDI Dock” to throw corporate spies off our true intentions, emerged as StudioConnect, an all-in-one analog-to-digital interface and powered dock stand.  And it’s the easiest way we’ve found for playing real instruments in Garageband on your iPad or iPad 2. StudioConnect and GarageBand  At a glance:

  • Connect real instruments to your iPad with mono ¼”, ⅛” and MIDI inputs
  • Monitor, mix and play back your music through stereo RCA output or headphones
  • Use apps to add authentic tones, sound-on-sound looping, and overdubbing to your playing
  • Plug in your MIDI keyboard, drum pad or controller and turn your iPad into an analog synthesizer, complete with sequencer and drum machine
  • Charge your iPad as you listen and record

We’re excited about StudioConnect.  If you pop over to StudioConnect’s landing page, you’ll find more information on StudioConnect, including quick tutorials on how to connect your bass, guitar or keyboard to StudioConnect and your iPad. Just in case you missed the Tweet or Facebook post, we’re celebrating StudioConnect’s release with a very limited-time deal.  Now through midnight tonight (11:59 pm Central, February 21), you can save 20 percent AND get free shipping on StudioConnect.  Just use the promo code EARLYADOPTER at check out and the discount will be applied automatically.

More info on StudioConnect?  Hit the website.

Keep us posted on how you plan to use StudioConnect.