StompBox is a guitar pedal for iPad, iPhone or iPod

StompBox is a guitar pedal for iPad, iPhone or iPod

StompBox pedal

StompBox is available! Your professional-quality pedal for your effects.

With four assignable foot switches and a 1/4″ effects pedal input jack, our StompBox allows musicians to use a compatible iOS device (i.e., iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) as a portable, programmable effects board and practice rig. StompBox effectively recreates the experience of an actual pedalboard.

iShred LiveDeveloped in partnership with Frontier Design Group (developers of iShred LIVE, iShred, Guitar, and other apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), StompBox brings a new level of realism to music effects apps like iShred LIVE by replicating the performance-ready durability of pro-quality effects pedals.

Connect StompBox to your iPad or other iOS device with a built-in 1-meter heavy-duty dock cable. StompBox gives you a bank of four professional quality user-assignable foot switches. In back, there’s an industry-standard 1/4″ mono jack to plug in a volume or expression pedal.

What are you waiting for? Get StompBox now.


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  • Ibanez MTM2

    Love the Stomp Box! Man, life just gets more and more interesting with each passing day with all of our evolving technology. It hasn’t been that long ago that things were very simple but love the fact that I can take my music to just about any level right from my own home.

    • Dave Delaney

      Thanks. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
      We have several newer products for musicians you should check out too:

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