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During today’s big announcement, Apple pulled the curtain off of three new iPhones, each delivering updated features and stunning designs in tow.

Below, our team has highlighted a few of our favorite new Griffin Survivor cases for each of the new iPhones, so whether you have your eyes on the striking iPhone Xs, the impressive iPhone Xs Max, or the colorful iPhone XR, we have a case ready to protect your new investment.


iPhone Xs Cases

Survivor Strong Wallet – Shop Now


Survivor Strong Wallet features three slots to hold your ID, credit cards and cash, and features a folio cover that flips closed to keep your bank cards discreetly hidden while also keeping your screen safe from scratches and debris.

Proven Drop Protection — The one-piece shell snaps on easily and provides protection from 7-foot (2.1-meters) drops onto concrete. Griffin’s exclusive Impact Dispersion System® cushions your iPhone within its shatter-resistant shell and keeps it safe.

Slim, Lightweight Defense — Don’t let the slim profile fool you. This folio case holds your wallet contents while remaining ultra-thin and super-lightweight, weighing in at under two ounces.

Survivor Clear – Shop Now


Built with premium materials, Survivor Clear lets the beauty of your iPhone Xs shine through without sacrificing protection—this durable case can withstand 4-foot (1.2-meter) drops meeting MIL-STD 810G drop-test standards.

Clear that stays clear. — Our special formulation creates a high-gloss finish that resists dirt, grease and scratches so your iPhone Xs stays nice and clean. And around its edges, Survivor Clear’s impact-deflecting bumper protects your phone’s controls, sides and corners with a cutting-edge non-yellowing rubber.

Proven scratch resistance. – We tested the durability of Survivor Clear using the industry-standard Pencil Hardness Scratch Test (ASTM Test Method D 3363) with calibrated pencils of increasing hardness. Survivor Clear was rated 6H, making it one of the most scratch-resistant clear cases available today.


iPhone Xs Max Cases 

Survivor Clear Wallet – Shop Now


With Survivor Clear Wallet for iPhone Xs Max, you can leave your bulky billfold behind. This protective case features card slots to hold your ID, credit cards and even some cash. The folio cover flips closed to keep your bank cards out of sight and your iPhone’s screen safe from dirt and scratches.

Drop-Tested, Proven Protection — Designed to meet or exceed military specifications for drop resistance (MIL-STD 810G), Survivor Clear Wallet protects your iPhone Xs Max from impacts of up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) onto concrete. Survivor Clear’s Impact Dispersion System® surrounds the edges and controls of your iphone with shock-absorbing molded rubber edging for unequalled protection in a wallet case.

Slim Enough for Wireless Charging — Need to power up? You can leave Survivor Clear Wallet on while wirelessly charging your iPhone Xs Max—the case won’t interfere.


Survivor Strong – Shop Now


Survivor Strong is proven to meet or exceed MIL-STD 810G standards for durability—it can withstand 7-foot (2.1-meters) drops onto concrete.

Thin Is an Understatement — It’s quite a feat to have a case this thin be so protective, but Survivor Strong was crafted to exceed expectations. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight at just under two ounces.

Two Layers. One Rugged Shell. – Survivor Strong’s rigid inner shell is shatterproof. The outer layer is durable, wear-resistant and easy to grip, but still slides smoothly into your pocket.



iPhone XR Cases

Griffin Reveal – Shop Now


Griffin Reveal lets the flawless design of iPhone XR shine through, but protects against 3-foot (.9-meter) drops with barely over a millimeter in added thickness. The durable, scratch-resistant hardshell protects your phone with clear rubber edges that cushion and securely grip.

Made for Wireless Charging. — With Reveal, you can even take advantage of your iPhone XR’s wireless charging—with the case still on; it won’t interfere at all.


Survivor Endurance – Coming Soon


Survivor Endurance debuts our specially developed shock-absorption material which provides more protection in an extraordinarily slim profile—proving that thin cases can withstand higher impact drops than their bulky competitors, defying what is commonly known about protective cases.

This exclusive shock-dampening system decreases G-force impact by 40% compared to traditional phone case materials and safeguards your iPhone XR from 10-foot drops.

Clear. Slim. Lightweight. — Survivor Endurance was built to be extremely thin and practically weightless so that your iPhone XR maintains its sleek profile while still being protected from harm. And the case’s translucent back shows off your iPhone.

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