New products announced at CES

New products announced at CES

We’re finally home after a long time out of the office, gosh it feels like forever. It’s nice to be back in Nashville!

Let me begin this post wish a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. If you’ve been following us on Twitter you’ll know that we’ve been working our feet and vocal chords off in Las Vegas at CES for the last week.

On December 30th we departed for an unbelievable road trip in our 1972 Westy named Double Nickels. We drove 2,500 miles to CES with plenty of stops to see you along the way. The CES Bound trip deserves another post here shortly.

CES was a blast. It was so good to see so many of you there. We announced  incredible new products and proudly revealed our new logo to tens of thousands of people.

iFM is a compact FM radio receiver for your iPod or iPhone. Download our free iFM Radio Controller app and you’re instantly listening to local radio!

Hands-free Mic with Audio CableHands-free Mic with Audio Cable is the perfect way to talk hands-free in your car. The high-sensitiviy microphone plugs right into your stereo’s  AUX-In audio jack. If you get a call you just click the button and you can hear the caller through your car’s stereo. Click the button again to end the call and return to your music or podcast.

TuneJuice Universal is our latest solution to save you when your device’s battery is on red. Pop in three AA batteries and you’ll be back in the green in no time. I should add that it the sleek design and rubberized finish feels great in your hand!

PowerJolt Plus will come to the rescue when you have to devices that need charging in your car. Pop it open to reveal a pass-through socket that allows connection of a second device. That’s two 12V DC ports! It’s perfect if you have a GPS, mobile phone or other device without power.

Video Display Converter will help you connect your MacBook or MacBook Pro to your television. It’s the perfect way to watch our CES Bound episodes on the big screen. You have watched them right?

RoadTrip and TuneFlex Aux were redesigned based on feedback we received from many of you. Your suggestions often help us tweak our products, we always appreciate them. Each device now has a cradle that accommodates most cases, so there’s no need to remove your case. RoadTrip also now integrates with our iTrip Controller app, which is a free download from iTunes.

One thing that we didn’t expect was the incredible popularity of our bags. People came in droves seeking one for themselves, one woman even made off with a stack of them. We were sorry we didn’t make more. Who knew our stylish bags would be the grand success that they were?

Were you at CES? What did you think of our booth?

7 responses to “New products announced at CES”

  1. salim says:

    I love all the new products produced by Griffin, But I have a question about RoadTrip …
    When this product is available in the market ???

  2. Dave Delaney says:

    Thanks for your message Salim. The new RoadTrip will be available in
    February. I don't have an exact date at this time.


  3. Eric says:

    So what happened to the redesigned TuneFlex Aux? It was on the website saying Available April 2010 and now it's gone. I have been holding off getting a car dock/charge/aux for this one! I am talking about the one with the open bottom, adjustable side arms and playback buttons on the bottom (not the FM version). Help! Please tell me it is still coming!


  4. Dave Delaney says:

    Thanks for the message Eric.

    The new TuneFlex Aux product has been put on hold. TuneFlex Aux with
    SmartClick is currently a popular premium AUX solution. Since the product is
    still doing well, we've decided that the timing just isn't right to release
    a new TuneFlex Aux. I'll be sure to post something here when a new version
    is available, but I don't expect one in the near future.

    You can check out TuneFlex Aux with SmartClick here:


  5. Dave Delaney says:

    Hi Salim. The all new RoadTrip is now available on our site:

  6. Going on a trip to Italy and wanted to take along my new RoadTrip 2010 to enjoy (wait for it…) some *road trips* while on vacation. Why is there no information on putting this thing into International mode????? There's instructions all over the place for putting the older version into Euro mode… What's the deal? Do any other brands support US mode AND European mode?

  7. Dave Delaney says:

    The FCC will not allow us to make an FM transmitter that works on lower frequencies in the US.

    Please call support for more help.

    Oh, and we're jealous of your trip to Italy! Have a great journey.

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