New iPhone 7 is here!

Apple said “See you on the 7th.” So we ate pizza and watched the keynote with the rest of the world.

Here’s our rundown from this afternoon’s announcement. Don’t miss the link at the end to find out how you can save 30% on Griffin gear.

Hello Apple Watch Series 2!

Waterproof at last. When we heard about this, we started getting a little excited. Because if they could make an Apple Watch waterproof, wonder what else they could make waterproof. Hmmm. With its beefier processor and a brighter display alone, Apple Watch Series 2 would be pretty amazing.

But adding true on-board GPS means that Apple Watch Series 2 is poised to make valuable inroads into the active fitness market as runners seriously rethink the need for a separate running watch.

iPhone 7 – Bigger, Better, Faster, More

Apple has generously doubled iPhone’s memory in its base models to 32GB, and now offers 128GB and 256GB configurations. The memory bumps are a welcome balm to the souls of even the most storage challenged among us.

The new A10 Fusion processor should speed things up by 40% over the iPhone 6S and is an impressive 120 times faster than the original iPhone. More importantly, the new A10 Fusion chip lets iPhone 7’s battery last more than two hours more than the 6S, which is always a welcome relief.

Dual cameras, taptic feedback and stereo speakers have our attention, no doubt. But the accident-prone among us are quite pleased to see an IP67 rating added to iPhone 7.  Apple engineers have added water resistant seals to the iPhone 7’s chassis and electrical circuits to create the very first water resistant iPhone. 


Perhaps the most rumored change of all prior to today’s keynote was the speculation that Apple would remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. The rumors ended up being true and Apple gave their explanation on why they took the courageous step to remove the “ancient” single use port from their latest iPhone.

Apple will be including Lightning EarPods and a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter in each box so that’s sure to be helpful in the transition. Griffin also has a solution that helps by converting any standard 3.5mm headphones to Bluetooth — iTrip Clip.

So, New Stuff from Griffin?

Well, we wiped out the better part of 35 pizzas at Griffin HQ watching the keynote, so we’re adequately fueled up to get to work on great gear for the new iPhone.

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So what’s your take on the new iPhone? Yee-ha or yawnworthy? Comments are open. Speak.

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