New iPad.  New Gear.  Get it Today.

New iPad. New Gear. Get it Today.

We love the new iPad!We’ve loved getting to know the new iPad. Yes, it’s slightly heavier. Yes, the display is, in a word, jawdroppinglybeautiful. And yes, we fully understand that the extra weight did NOT come from the additional 2.5 million pixels (more or less)Apple managed to cram into the display.

Chris F. from Knoxville won himself a new iPad 3 this morning and as soon as we hear back from him, we’ll have a package full of iPad and Griffin goodness on its way to him.

Now for the important issues:

  • Yes, Survivor for iPad 2 will fit your new iPad 3.
  • Yes, they’re available.
  • Yes, we have a full range of iPad 3-ready products to keep your iPad connected, protected and ready to show off to all your non-iPad-owning friends.

Red Intellicase for new iPad and and iPad 2

Hit the link to see more.  And when you place your order, we’ll ship your order for free.  (Standard shipping is free.  Other options are available)

We have every reason to believe the iPad 3 will grow to be as popular as its forebears. And we’ll keep designing gear that lets you get the most out of yours.


Thanks for reading.

  • Evgeny Ko

    hey, Griffin! do you know that link you posted in article doesn’t work? There are extra dot…

    • Griffin Technology

      Thanks!  Misplaced a period. :(   It’s been fixed.  ^WebW

  • Brad

    I’m disappointed with the new intellicase.  I’d had one for my ipad 2 and absolutely love it.  The intellicase for the new ipad has a slightly different cover, though.  Where the ipad 2 front cover was slightly more flexible – had a much more rubbery feel – the new one is a bit more stiff.  The issue this creates is – the cover retains the folded corner from being folded in as a stand when you try to cover the screen – it won’t lay flat/stick to the screen very well.  It’s both frustrating and disappointing.