New iPad is WIN.  And you could be too!

New iPad is WIN. And you could be too!

It’s super-simple.  Click the link.  Sign up for the newsletter.  We’ll send you news, deals and more every so often.  And you’re automatically registered for a chance to win a brand new iPad along with a bunch of cool Griffin gear.


No goofy banner ads.  No crazy contests.  No address-farming through a fake consumer research project.  Just a great newsletter and a chance to win the eyepopping display and faster processor of Apple’s new iPad 3.

So while we would never boss you around, we are, in the strongest possible terms, suggesting you hop to it and sign up. Because you’ve got till midnight Central Time tonight to register.

And now, here’s a lo-res troll face.  Because my 14-year-old son says they’re big on the internetz right now.

  • Dublinharders

    How do I sign up for the news letter, I do want to enter for a new iPad but I also like reading about the griffin products and facts that you guys show