Nano Still Naked?

Nano Still Naked?

The buzz from our iPod nano iClear Sketch cases has been fantastic, but not everyone is looking for a pattern on their new nano. That’s alright, we’re cool with that.

How does Outfit suit you? It’s a slim, no-clip case that surrounds your iPod in a translucent polycarbonate shell. EasyDock lets the bottom of the case slide on and off for quick, simple docking. It’s available in black translucent and white translucent colors. Cool.

FlexGrip wraps your iPod nano in a durable silicon that protects against dirt, dings, dents and scratches. The textured case is smooth in the front, with a sculpted textured back that’s easy to grip. Get it in a slick black and white translucent pattern. Nice.

These cases will be available soon. Leave me a comment I’ll be sure to give you a shout when you can grab one.

5 responses to “Nano Still Naked?”

  1. Name says:

    Get the Wave for the new iPod nano 5G!

  2. dean miller says:

    thanks for nice writing .
    i feel kool n clam wheneva i c those iPhones… those are elegant
    and stylish…as well as decent in look… i hv decided to have it for me

  3. Dave Delaney says:


    Poor spelling and extreme brevity brought to you by iPhone.

  4. Ben says:

    Does this case cover the screen of the Nano?

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