More power to you in 2012

More power to you in 2012

There’s nothing worse than seeing that dreaded red battery icon on your iPhone or iPod. During CES we’ll be presenting our new and improved PowerBlock Reserve.

PowerBlock Reserve & PowerBlock Reserve Universal

PowerBlock Reserve PowerBlock Reserve is a wall charger that can be plugged into any AC wall outlet to provide a quick boost of power. It can also deliver a charge even when it is not plugged into the wall, thanks to its built-in rechargeable 2,000 mAh lithium-ion battery pack. A ruggedized coating for durability and an included 30-pin Apple sync-and charge cable makes PowerBlock Reserve the ideal travel companion for iPod and iPhone.

PowerBlock Reserve Universal is similar in power and form factor, but is designed to quickly charge any USB device. Both PowerBlock Reserve models charge their own batteries at the same time they’re charging connected devices. A row of LEDs serve as a fuel gauge, indicating how much charge is left.

PowerBlock Dual UniversalPowerBlock & PowerBlock Dual Universal

Another newly-refreshed member of the PowerBlock series is the ultra compact PowerBlock, an easy-to-carry wall charger for all kinds of USB devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. PowerBlock puts out 10 watts of charging power for fast, safe charging on the go, and includes a detachable Apple dock cable. Other devices can plug their own cables into PowerBlock’s standard USB port.

PowerBlock Dual Universal is another new portable power option for charging two USB devices simultaneously. Two industry-standard Type-A USB ports each deliver up to 5 watts of power.

Going to CES?

Be sure to visit North Hall, Booth 5212 during CES to see our new products up close. Our full 2012 line-up will be on display during CES.

Whether it’s your first time at CES or you’re a veteran, be sure to check out our free 20 tips to make the most of the show.