More iPhone 4 case choices

More iPhone 4 case choices

Elan Frame
Elan Frame is our classic Elan Form case in a new backless design. Elan Frame surrounds iPhone 4 in a thin but tough ring of impact-resistant polycarbonate bonded synthetic outer layer. The case frames iPhone 4, elevating the front and back off surfaces while protecting the edges and allowing full access to ports and controls. Elan Frame is now available in Black and Platinum leather and Graphite finishes.

FlexGrip wraps iPhone 4 in a durable, tear-resistant TPU, for a case that is both soft to the touch and easy to grip. The slim design provides total protection, while allowing full access to Multi-Touch display, controls, and ports. FlexGrip is now available in Black and Clear, with Blue and Pink colors coming soon.

All-day comfort and a lightweight, one-piece construction make AeroSport the ultimate active-use armband for athletes of every stripe. The lycra core is flexible and extremely light, for amazing comfort. The band is cut wide to stay put without over-tightening. Fit AeroSport to your arm and slide your iPhone into place; you retain complete access to the Multi-Touch display and headphone jack,and your iPhone is protected from sweaty fingerprints, dust, and dings. AeroSport features a hidden pocket that holds a house, room, or locker key.

  • application development

    Thanks for sharing this cases. That's really important for me to choose a proper case to protect my iPhone 4 and to be stylish at the same time. I'm happy that there are so many variants so that I can choose the one I really like.

  • ipad development

    Good cases! I especially like the clear Elan Frame. But for the athletes AeroSport is just a perfect variant.

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks Susan.

  • wongnog

    I like the FlexGrip case I have but found a few problems with it. First, the sleep/wake button area is much too stiff, and it is very difficult to use this button. I think the TPU over this button is raised a bit too much, making it hard to engage the sleep/wake button. Second, the cutout for the silence/volume buttons is too deep due to sides of this case being contoured, making the buttons hard to engage.. I think this could be fixed if you made the sides flat, or put soft TPU over covering the volume buttons and just had a cutout for the silence switch.

  • Dave Delaney

    I’m sorry you’re having difficulty with it. We haven’t heard this from other people.
    Would you please contact Support, so we can see if we can help you better?