Meet Tech

Meet Tech

Tech iPhone case

Our Elan Form Etch is among our most popular iPhone case lines.

People tend to really like the high-leather quality and polycarbonate inner shell. Each case also comes with EasyDock, so you can easily pop off the bottom to dock it virtually anywhere.

Chip Chick writes:

Griffin has really pulled out all the stops with their latest batch of iPhone cases. They are called the Elan Form Etch and feature warm tones that range from earthy to retro to abstract designs.

Gear Diary’s Judie Greenberg Lipsett :) wrote:

This was the first Griffin leather case that I’ve used, and I was very impressed by how slim it was. The feel of the case is lovely, and the two pieces that form the case manage to protect every corner as well as the chrome surrounding the screen.

Our latest greatest case in the Elan Form Etch series is called Tech. Please welcome Tech to the family.

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  1. Taimur Imran says:

    Looks really neat for people like me who do not have Bluetooth in my car looking forward to this

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