Kiosk for iPad

Kiosk for iPad

Have you noticed how many small retail businesses are using iPads now? I can automatically think of several restaurants in our area of Nashville who have an iPad set up at their cash register. It’s businesses like these who need our secure display, Kiosk for iPad.

Our attractive Kiosk provides protection and security while maintaining access to the iPad tablet’s Multi-Touch display. The iPad is locked in place by an impact-resistant ABS plastic frame and included security screws. Additionally, the Kiosk has a high-strength, flexible joint giving users the freedom to adjust the angle for optimal viewing and returns the iPad to an upright, centered position when finished.Kiosk for iPad

Kiosk for iPad also provides protection for the included power cable by completely enclosing the dock connector and routing all cabling through the center of the steel arm. The Kiosk’s base bolts to the floor or table top with included hardware, for a complete, secure solution.

Kiosk for iPadThree faceplates come standard for optional access to the home button and camera. The Kiosk displays an iPad or iPad 2 in portrait or landscape orientation, and is available in two height options: Floor Mount (50″ to center of iPad, $299), or Table Mount (12″ to center of iPad, $199). Kiosk for iPad will be available this March as part of our business solutions offerings.

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