Our Newest iPhone-controlled Truck is Out Now!

Our Newest iPhone-controlled Truck is Out Now!

Mattel Football, courtesy of Mark RowanConfession time.  I’ve never been particularly good at video gaming.  Even though I’m old enough to have smelled the styrofoamy wonderfulness of an NIB Atari 2600 as my next door neighbor showed it off the morning after Christmas, I’ve never really connected.  Hand/eye coordination?  None.  Patience and willingness to fail over and over in order to solve a puzzle or learn the ideal route.  Non-existent.  Video-gaming left me behind with Mattel Electronics’ Football and I’ve been  shunned from the device-based gaming world since.

Which is why I’m stoked about our newest AppPowered offering, MOTO TC Monster.  It’s a Bluetooth-contolled RC truck you steer with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.    No dongle or control deck needed.  It’s just you, your iPhone and the mud-spitting, hell-raising awesome that can only come from chasing pets and smaller siblings around the house with a truck seemingly controlled by magic.

I’ve played with it and I’m happy to report that with four different ways to drive, even a 4-bit Neanderthal like me can look competent.

It’s live on the site and available in the webstore.

And we’ve got a bunch of other goodies to support it, including:

• A Spotify playlist  (Listen to MOTO TC Monster MIxx ExXtreme now)

• Download-and Print-Offables, including track markings, tire barriers and cars, just waiting to be smashed.  Download, print and your Reign of Pain begin!

• A not-subtle cross-sell of our other TC products, HELO TC and HELO TC Assault.

It’s time to let the beast you bottle up inside during your homeward commute out to howl.

It’s MOTO TC Monster time.


Enjoy.     ^WebW

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