Introducing Survivor for Google Glass! UPDATED

UPDATE 4/2/14: April Fools!

We were just April Foolin’ about Survivor for Google Glass, of course, but that doesn’t mean the rest of our Survivor line isn’t the real deal!

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Here’s the original post . . .

Griffin Technology, one of the world’s foremost creators of rugged techcessories for your most valuable wearables, is proud to announce Survivor for Google Glass.

Featuring some of the case industry’s newest technologies, Survivor for Google Glass will protect your heads-up, hands-free wearable computer from drops, dirt, and hurled soft drinks.

upload-1“We hear over and over from one of our fans on G+ that he wants the best in protection for his Glass,” said Mike Shepherd, Griffin Technology’s Social Media Coordinator.  “We believe Survivor represents the most protection possible.”

Survivor will protect your Glass from six-foot drops, intense vibrations, and windblown dust and rain. Survivor for Google Glass also features several technologies that have never been used before in the burgeoning computers-on-your-head sector.

Built-in sensors detect imminent danger — such as speeding bicycle messengers and rolled-up issues of Sports Illustrated — and deploy airbags that deflect the damage downward, away from Glass’s CPU. Integrated, sports-yellow Lexan lenses protect your eyes from extreme dust. And a stylish, magnetic clasp lanyard keeps Glass securely on your head, so that whether you’re base-jumping, extreme zorbing, or caber-tossing, your Glass is covered.

Survivor for Google Glass: Built for whatever life throws at your face.

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