How to stop iPad thieves

How to stop iPad thieves

Case with security anchor point for iPad 2

I’ve heard plenty of amazing stories of people retrieving their stolen iPads using the Find My iPad app. Here’s a way to avoid having it stolen in the first place. Our TechSafe Case for iPad will lock your cherished tablet down and protect it from the bad guys.

It’s not just a protective case, TechSafe provides a vital anchor point that enables the security of a desktop cable locking system.

Made from protective polycarbonate, the TechSafe Case locks around your iPad and provides a secure anchor point for the included 4-digit combination-lock security cable. Key in the code, press the lock’s plunger, and it instantly releases your iPad and the case for carrying; it’s the perfect balance of security and convenience. We also have online storage for your unique 4-digit combination-lock code, store it on our site and access it whenever you like.

The case provides not just security and protection, but usability, as well. It features two foldout workstands, one inclined for typing and tapping, and one for upright landscape viewing.

Grab our TechSafe Case and Cable Lock now, before someone else grabs your iPad.