HELO TC with missiles?

HELO TC with missiles?

You’ve seen the videos and laughed out loud playing with HELO TC, our popular remote-control helicopter. What if we added missiles?

We have.

HELO TC with missilesIntroducing HELO TC Assault, ideal for covert missions (like surprising your cubicle mates). It adds the excitement of six live-fire missiles, launched via a quick tap on your smartphone’s touchscreen. Just plug the included Flight Deck module into the headphone jack of any iOS or Android device, download the HELO TC Assault app, and users are ready to fly and attack from the sky. The app even provides features not available with other RC helicopters, such as Auto Land which brings the HELO TC Assault down for a safe landing with a tap of the touchscreen controls.

HELO TC for Android and iOS is similar in form factor to the original iOS model that launched in Fall 2011, now updated to work with both platforms. To get started, you’ll download the free HELO TC app, plug the Flight Deck into your smartphone’s headphone jack and fly the HELO TC in one of two ways: touch control (using a virtual joystick on the touchscreen display) or tilt to steer (tilting the smartphone to maneuver the chopper). Both new HELO TC models feature intuitive, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use controls, a stable twin-rotor design, and the ability to record up to three Flight Plans for easy repetition. HELO TC for Android and iOS, $49.99, will be available in late January and HELO TC Assault, $59.99, will be available this Spring. Sign up and we’ll let you know.

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