Download Dijit and get ready for Beacon

Download Dijit and get ready for Beacon

Get ready for Beacon, our upcoming universal remote. We recommend you download Dijit now to get a taste for the app that will make Beacon magic.

With Dijit, your phone is a universal remote control supporting over 200,000 devices, has content listings for every cable and satellite provider in the US and Canada, gives you search across content from both cable/satellite providers and new streaming content providers like Netflix, and has integrated and simple sharing through Facebook and Twitter. They have also just added Roku features!


Sign up below for Beacon or on the product page on our site. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available…. we’re just two weeks away!

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  • Roy Hagar

    How do I get multiple devices to copy the configurations entered in my iPhone.  I thought that you had to program each device separately, but apparently that’s not true.  I took several hours to find codes for my somewhat outdated AV receiver and the device did have trouble reading the codes from my original remotes, but I did get it programmed.  Then, a couple of days later, I opened dijit on my iPad and found it programmed already.  It’s missing a couple of keys that I subsequently programmed on my iPhone4.  How do I update the configuration on my dijit account so that the latest version of it will appear on all three of my programmed devices, my phone, my wife’s phone, and my iPad?  Thanks,  RTH

  • Dave Delaney

    Please contact Customer Service, so we can help you best. Thanks.