Chilewich for iPod touch

Chilewich for iPod touch

Chilewich Turquoise Touch2GAs many of you will recall, we partnered with Sandy Chilewich back in November. Chilewich is recognized as a textile innovator, known for her striking and elegant vinyl-based designs. Together we created popular iPhone 3G/3GS cases.

One of my favorite reviews of our Chilewich cases is from Gearlog:

There are a lot of eye-catching iPhone and iPod cases out there, but for the most part they look like they were designed for a young, hip audience. Your options can be limited if you’re looking for something more on the elegant and graceful side. Two new cases from Griffin, however, are going to change that.

iPod touch users will be thrilled that we’re releasing two new colors, turquoise and aluminum. These colors, in addition to classic Gravel, are now available for iPod touch. In any color, Elan Form Chilewich remains the essential complement to a fashionable tech lifestyle.

Jaime at Design Milk said it best, “What does Griffin + Chilewich equal? Awesome.”

Go check out the new cases and get one while they remain in stock!

2 responses to “Chilewich for iPod touch”

  1. Idream_ofjeannine says:

    Gearlog is right! They are so elegant and graceful! Can you please, please, please make them for smartphones? I spent just as much on my Samsung Galaxy S as Iphone users spent on their little devices, but theirs get to look elegant and graceful while I’m stuck with rubbery, plastic, cheap-looking cases!
    Smartphones want to be elegant, too…

  2. Dave Delaney says:

    Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure what is planned, but I’ll be sure to share it on the blog should they become available.

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