BlackBerry Owners Will Be Thrilled!

BlackBerry Owners Will Be Thrilled!

Photo by: shekay

We’ve been working hard at hammering and chiseling some of our most popular cases to make them perfect for your BlackBerry! Don’t worry we wore our safety goggles!

I’m happy to report that our BlackBerry cases are ready to be wrapped around your beloved device.

Our line-up is as diverse as the BlackBerry family, itself. Check out all of the new BlackBerry cases below!

Elan Clip for BlackBerry Bold 9000
Our Elan Clip case combines quick access with the security of a belt clip. The case features an elegant genuine leather outer case, wrapped around a durable polycarbonate shell, for protection that looks great. The built-in belt clip swivels, allowing easy viewing of the screen without removing BlackBerry from the belt. Elan Clip is currently available for the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Elan FoElan Form BlackBerry Stormrm provides two layers of protection for the BlackBerry Storm in a slim, no-clip design. The premium black leather outer layer is bonded to an impact-resistant polycarbonate inner shell that slides snug over the Storm.

FlexGrip BlackBerry Pearl Our FlexGrip case wraps around BlackBerry in durable silicone, providing an easy grip for the hand, but protecting against dirt, dings, and scratches. Now available for BlackBerry Pearl.

iClear for BlackBerry Curve 8300iClear for BlackBerry PearlComplete access and protection accompany iClear‘s custom-molded, crystal-clear shell. The durable polycarbonate case is perfect for the user who wants hard-shell protection without covering up the BlackBerry’s natural design aesthetic. iClear is currently available for BlackBerry Curve 8300 and BlackBerry Pearl.

BlackBerry Screen Protector Kit Screen Care Kit for BlackBerry Storm is the best way to clean and protect the touchscreen. The included premium cleaning cloth removes smudges, dust and fingerprints without any messy liquids or scratching the screen. A static-peel screen protector then smooths over the touchscreen for lasting protection from grit and dust. Screen Care Kit includes three static-peel screen protectors and a reusable cleaning cloth.

Our new BlackBerry solutions, Elan Clip, Elan Form, FlexGrip, iClear, and Screen Care Kit, are now at Target and What are you waiting for?

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  1. nice blackberry cases..

  2. wolfsigh says:

    Would love to see some new cases for the BlackBerry soon. Got any plans on releasing new case designs dedicated to the BlackBerry?

  3. Dave Delaney says:

    I expect so, but it will depend on what the market demands.


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