What We’re Hearing: David Byrne & St. Vincent’s Brass Tactics EP

Brass-Tactics-EP-copyGive David Byrne credit for many things, not the least of which knowing how to get the most out of the web and giving away music to sell more music and tickets. In announcing what is essentially the second leg of the Love This Giant tour, Byrne and ST. Vincent have dropped, for the low low price of free, Brass Tactics, an EP with  five cuts …

  • “Cissus” – A previously unreleased cut from Love This Giant.  Co-written by Byrne and Clark, a tough opening cut set in draggy 6/8 but give it time.
  • “I Should Watch TV” – Co-written by Byrne and Clark for the album and done here, “TV” captures the jittery consumer paranoia of Remain in Light.
  • “Lightning” – Another co-written cut, remixed by Brooklyn-based Kent Rockafeller, I think I prefer this bigger, beatier version to the album’s slower original.
  • “Marrow (Live)” – Annie Clark wrote it and performed on tour; you can catch a little of the energy that the Tour’s 8-piece brass section added here.
  • “Road to Nowhere” – The Talking Heads chestnut. The brass backing the Nowhere’s normally a cappella section adds some mournful color to a perfect end to a great concert. Pay special attention to the energy bound by restraint that Byrne, Clark and the brass band manage to hold through the entire song … no mean feat given the fact that the whole ensemble had been performing for about two hours by this time.

Best yet, Brass Tactics is a free (as in beer) download here. Love This Giant ends up being a hell of a show.  Get your tickets now; you shouldn’t miss it.

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  1. Perle H Gouthier says:

    i hope im not too late to get tickets, they seem interesting!

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