Dust off that fitness tracker!

The picture isn’t a pretty one.  In a recently released survey by strategic consulting firm Endeavour Partners, one third of fitness tracker owners report that they stopped using their tracker entirely within six months of getting it. Maybe you’re one of this third?  Or maybe your on your way?  We’ve all been there.

It is easy to start up a new fitness routine. But maintaining one? That’s something else entirely.

While fitness trackers make it simple to track your progress toward fitness–How many steps today?  How long did I sleep? How many total calories have I burned off?–they don’t, unfortunately do the exercising for you. Long-term success in your journey to wellness requires a long-term commitment to daily progress. And seeing your progress quantified each day goes a long way to positively reinforcing your healthier behaviors. That’s the value proposition behind fitness trackers.  In short, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

So if that fitness tracker is gathering dust already, maybe simply changing things up a little will be the re-jump-start you need.

Because fitness trackers are meant to be worn either on your clothes or somewhere on your body, the device’s aesthetics and comfort are paramount to your being willing to wear it.  Some people wear their trackers proudly (“It makes me feel like I’m from the future,” says eComm director Rachel) while others are looking for a more low-key approach.  In either case, accessories that make it easier or more comfortable to wear your tracker can eliminate at least one objection to using it.

Griffin’s accessories for wearables offer you choices in how (and where) you wear your fitness tracker. The Ribbon Wristband and the Sleep|Sport Band both offer all-day comfort when wearing your fitness tracker on your wrist or arm. Or our Tracker Clip can be worn discreetly on your tie or clipped into a pocket, out of sight but close by when you check in on your stats.  Wearing your fitness tracker all the time also makes it easier to connect your tracker with Health Kit-enabled apps on your iPhone or Google Fit-apps on your Android phone.

In the end, consistency is key. And making sure you and your tracker are comfortable with each other is a great first step in that direction.

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