What's New In iOS 8

What’s New In iOS 8

iOS 8 has arrived, and Apple aims for it to be the biggest operating system rollout yet for its iPhone/iPad/iPod family of devices. So here’s a rundown of iOS 8 features and changes to expect when you update today.



ios8-homescreenThe biggest difference about iOS 8 is something you may not notice right away. It’s the overall design that improves your experience of using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Little touches like:

Interactive notifications that find you even when you’re using other apps. Send a quick message or email reply, accept calendar invitations, mark reminders, receive app updates, and keep doing what you’re doing without leaving the app you’re in.

Whatever app you’re in, double-press the Home button and see all your most recent contacts, and tap to contact them again.

iOS 8 even makes email better. Swipe to flag items in your inbox. Mail automatically recognizes reservations, flight confirmations, phone numbers, etc., and makes notifications for you. Tap to add contact info or calendar events. A little thing that turns out to be a really big thing: a quicker way to copy and paste between messages.



Easier. Easier to take and easier to find. Because iOS 8 organizes them for you with smart albums. And gives you new search features to find individual photos. Search by date, by location, or by album name. Search gives you smart suggestions, too: photos taken nearby, taken the same time last year, or just ones you’ve tagged as favorites.

Editing tools, built right in. Automatic straightening and cropping. Intelligent adjustments for brightness and contrast, highlights and shadows. Apply special filters.

Into video? iOS 8 gives you slo-mo and time-lapse.



Add sound recordings. Add photos. Add videos. Add your location with a map, and see others’ maps. Opt in or out of group messages, or save them to read later (and you can name them to make them easier to find).


Safari on iPad:

Tabs that visually group your open web pages. A new Sidebar for your Favorites, bookmarks, and Shared Links. In short, a more intuitive and consistent web browsing experience across all your iOS devices.


The Keyboard:

The onscreen one, that is. It’s smarter. It gives you different options and suggestions, based on whether you’re in Mail or Messages, or based on whom you’re talking to. You even get to choose among keyboards created by third-party developers that let you use a keyboard in totally different ways.


Family Sharing:

Up to six people in the same household can share each other’s iTunes, iBooks, and apps purchases, to say nothing of photos, calendars and locations.


iCloud Drive:

It’s your big storage device in the sky. So you can access the same files on any connected machines — including your Mac or PC.



iOS 8 wants to keep you healthy. So it includes, in an easy-to-use dashboard, an activity tracker, a heart rate monitor, and a way for third-party health apps to talk with one another.



The search engine that helps you find all these different kinds of data is smarter than ever before, able to recognize content and context to give you relevant search results.



Your iOS devices and your Mac are connected, now. Start an email on one device and finish it on another. Answer phone calls and send SMS messages on your Mac or iPad. And built into iOS 8 is the fastest Wi-Fi access, yet.



Want to develop an app? Apple’s made it easier to make apps that take advantage of iCloud and Touch ID, sharing options, custom actions, notifications, documents, health and fitness data, photo editing and custom keyboards. And other stuff. You can even create apps that connect with your home appliances.



What do you have to have to use iOS 8?

  • iPhone: any model from 4s to 6 Plus
  • iPad: any model from iPad 2 on up
  • iPod touch 5th generation

What’s your favorite new feature of iOS 8?

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