iPad Day in the UK

iPad Day in the UK

iPad queue at London Apple Store braves overnight stay
Last week the UK’s Daily Express contained stories of elated customers leaving the Apple Store with iPad in hand. iPad is finally available internationally!

According to student, Jake Lee, someone even offered to pay him £2,000 to take his place in line.

Lee was quoted in the London Evening Standard about being prepared to spend the night at the door of the Apple Store.

“I’ve been waiting for this for months, and I just couldn’t wait any longer,” he said. “It’s going to be a long night, but we’re planning on ordering pizza if they’ll deliver, so it should be fun. I’m really looking forward to getting an iPad, I really love my iPod and have already spent over £100 on films and TV shows ready to download and watch.”

You can bet Griffin was there to be sure Lee didn’t leave without some Griffin goodies.

Photo by: Rik Henderson from Pocket-Lint.com

  • Paul

    Anybody had issues with iTrip no longer working on their iPhone?